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So almost right after I made my last post, Dad called. He'd been bugging us for a while to e-mail his cousin who happens to live in Japan, so that we could, you know, actually work on some kind of way to get there ourselves. He also had been insinuating that if we didn't do anything soon, he would take matters into his own hands. That had been going on for a while, so, while we thought it would be nice if he did (we've only met this cousin about twice, and you all know we're scared of people), but we weren't really expecting much.

But as it so happened, this cousin was visiting today, so the first thing Dad did was say, "Let me introduce you to my cousin!" and hand the phone over. He spoke to me all in Japanese, which was kind of scary, because speaking has been our weakness in every language, but especially foreign ones. And it's always harder to understand people over the phone.

Anyway, he asked us to come to Japan, and I said we want to but we don't have the money, and he said we can make money and said we should make plans to go to Japan. So I gave him our email address and I guess we'll see what happens next. I'm actually really excited about this, but I'm also freaking out because I tend to forget simple yet important expressions like "arigatou gozaimasu," and I always freak out after talking to new people. Especially new people who could be the key to my future. (...that's a sentence fragment. Darn it.)

Meanwhile, Athena finally managed to beat Phantom Brave. We both figure it would have been better continuity-wise if we hadn't had to stop after trying the final battle several million times to go level up. Stupid Sulphur. But it's a neat game anyway, and the ending made me cry. There were some things I would have liked more...closure? I guess...on, but overall I like it.

And we had visiting teachers over today (the one had been trying to plan a visit for a very long time, so it's not that they're bad teachers who wait until the end of the month), and it was an especially nice visit, I felt. So today has been a good day. Except for the wondering what to do about December money thing, but that's the advantage of having to wait three months for a check--you know when all the money is coming, so you know when it's going to stop, and how much time you have to work things out.

I'm happy that Wing my Way was the AX theme for 2005. I love this song!

I'm happy that Dad has a very nice cousin who lives in Japan.

I'm happy that we got to play Phantom Brave.

I'm thankful for the visiting teaching program. Maybe I should stop being such a sucky VT.

I'm thankful that I still have my haiku collection that I wrote in...I think it was fourth grade...? It had to be third grade or later because they're all in cursive. The pictures are very cute.

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