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We had vague plans of starting our "blogging in Japanese" project today, but plans and an unexpected phone call got in the way. The only reason the phone call got in the way is that it took up time, which we don't have as much of because of the plans. The plans involve going over to the nearby church building and helping decorate for the dance. We have no intention of attending the dance (dances are loud and boring), but we're trying to be more helpful lately, and we're already not planning on helping the ward clean up the church or wrap grapes tomorrow.

So you've all been spared the trouble of scrolling past our Japanese entry! (Though I can't speak for having to scroll past our English entry.)

In other random news, today we learned once again why we've forbidden ourselves from listening to Sailor Moon Musical soundtracks while we're working. They're just too singable! And we were supposed to be proofreading, too, so the distraction could prove even more fatal. There was an especially distracting stretch when there were a bunch of villains' songs playing. Afterwards, we got to a line in the script we were checking that was highlighted because it was a repeat of a line that had been said earlier in the volume. But we didn't remember the line at all! Ohhhhhh nooooooo!!! Oh well. Today's work wasn't professional.

Today I'm thankful for fun singable soundtracks, pita chips being on sale at Fresh & Easy, the 99 Cents Only store giving us the opportunity to try fudge Snickers, peanut butter M&Ms, and having plans to watch the women's conference at Mom's house tomorrow with ice cream.
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