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We just turned in our the last book in our most recent list of deadlines, which is very good, because that means we'll be getting money before December. But our next deadline isn't until December 26. Our boss says it's fine to turn it in a month or so early, but we're thinking three months might be a little much. Plus, even if we do turn it in in a week, we won't have anything else to work on.

On the bright side, this means we have plenty of time to figure out how else to get money... assuming we don't squander all that time playing video games. Maybe we should make anime Christmas tree ornaments and sell them on eBay... or something...

Ah well. We'll think of something, I'm sure. And of course our boss is keeping an eye out for new titles for us to work on. Maybe eventually we'll actually get this tutoring thing going. Hmm...
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