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Surrounded by temptation!

Man, why does all this awesome stuff have to come out right when we decided we can't afford to splurge on anything? My goodness. We've amended our "can't splurge on anything" rule to "can splurge on a few, very select things," and we're still not convinced it's a good idea, but... but... but we have hope! Hope that checks will come sooner than expected. Of course, we still have to be very very careful, because even that money will be limited.

Halloween parties aside, the splurging started today with our preorder of Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray (out October 5! yay!). That by itself probably would have been okay, because the Disney Movie Club has it cheap, but! we had to get the special collectors' edition with a fancy book. Thinking on it now, I wonder why we couldn't have just waited... and then I think of waiting and get very sad. We waited for Snow White, and that was really hard! (Whine, whine, whine, I know.)

Then, since the Disney Movie Club is constantly having sales of buy one thing at regular price, get everything else for X% off (this time it's 50, but we've seen 60), we thought it should be okay to get... just one DVD, right? We've been wanting The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad for oh so very long. We think since we've moved here, possibly longer. And since it's Halloween season (sheesh, what's with the super early promotion of holidays?), it was on our minds. So we bought it! Ha! Take that! (<--pointlessly defiant)

And then we decided the safest thing would be to make the order and get the heck out of there! Zoom! So we made our order! ...but we didn't get the heck out of there. We went to see how much The Rescuers Down Under cost. It would have been just ten bucks with the sale! And, since we were already torturing ourselves, we went to price Fun and Fancy Free, Make Mine Music, and Melody Time, because they have a bunch of shorts we used to watch on the Disney Channel back when it was cool, that not a lot of people know about these days. And they were all like only six dollars each with the sale! And we were like, "Oh snap, we should have got one of those!" Fortunately(?), we had already made our order, so we weren't going to order anything else. But it was so tempting to go back and get The Rescuers Down Under (as our regularly priced DVD) and then all three of those on sale, let me tell you.

As if that weren't bad enough! Square-Enix just announced that they are, in fact, going to have a Birth by Sleep: Final Mix. We had heard that Tetsuya Nomura said he wasn't going to make that game, but apparently they are. Athena says, "Now I have to play it on stupid critical mode. Do you know what that means!? Critical. Mode. Argh." Fortunately, we have until January to figure out how to buy that one (maybe we'll be in Japan earning money!). Not so fortunately, the DS version of Kingdom Hearts: coded will be out in Japan... around the same time our copy of Beauty and the Beast gets here. Why do games have to be so expensive in Japan? Why?

And of course there's the manga. We're determined to order Banri Hidaka's new manga as soon as Kinokuniya gets it, but it's going to take a lot of restraint not to get, like, the rest of Skip Beat! or something. I think we might just add a volume of Kana, Kamo. and the new thing by Kou Matsuzuki and get the heck out of there. Only this time we really will, because the Kinokuniya website is pretty boring once our order's been made.

And I should stop listing things like that. Time to stop dwelling on what we want and start thinking about what we already have!

Today I'm thankful for work going quickly today, getting to look forward to two shiny new DVDs, remembering to charge the camera battery, being close to finishing that Walt Disney biography we're borrowing, and still having chocolate toffee almonds.
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