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We started work an hour late today! Oh no! But it's okay, because we finished our quota for the day anyway, and even a few minutes early! It's also okay because the reason we got started late is that I was on the phone with Gaston, and we discussed our Halloween plans! This is so exciting!

This year, the Disneyland Halloween party is actually at Disneyland instead of California Adventure, and they let us into the park a few hours before it starts! That wouldn't have meant a whole lot last year, but now that our passes have expired, it's very awesome. We are a little concerned that they might not let us wear our costumes until the party starts, and who wants to take that time to go all the way back to the parking lot to change?

One of the solution ideas that got thrown out was that we bring our costumes in backpacks, and then we don't have to go all the way to the parking lot, but then we'd have to carry backpacks around the whole time, and they wouldn't match our costumes... unless we disguised one big backpack as a game bag and made LeFou carry it around! That's right, this year we're going to have a LeFou! Oh man, this is so exciting! Of course, that leaves us with the difficulty of figuring out who to dress his girlfriend up as. Athena made sure to point out that we had better ask her what she wants to do, but neither we nor Gaston can resist trying to come up with ideas anyway. We want to make sure the group works!

I think our two best ideas are either a random peasant girl (or possibly Sausage Curl Girl; slightly less random, but we hear LeFou's girlfriend's hair is probably too short) or Belle. But Belle wouldn't be hanging out with Gaston, LeFou, and the Silly Girls of her own free will, so we thought we could have her hands tied up, which would be hilarious. The really funny thing about it is that Gaston and I both came up with the idea individually before either of us said it out loud. Are we all that sadistic? Maybe. Athena just now suggested potentially having Gaston carry around some evidence that we could, for example, kill Maurice, so if anyone asked, "Hey, what's Belle doing with you guys?" we could just say, "She doesn't have much choice," and show it to them.

Ah well, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Today I'm thankful for plans to go to Mickey's Halloween Party, having two extra members for our cosplay group (unfortunately, Leia has already confirmed that she and Han won't be able to join us as Lumiere and Babette), getting all our work done despite our late start, getting to learn about arctic foxes (we actually broke out our Wildlife Explorer cards last night!), and finally getting a new race to join our party in Tactics Advance 2. Oh! and clearing the last floor of that one dungeon at Square-Enix Members.
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