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We waited too long to get back to Kyoya about Disneyland, and unless he e-mails back with a change in plans, we won't get to meet up with him, alas. It's probably for the best, because technically we can't afford to go to Disneyland. We decided to risk it anyway, because it's not every day friends from Japan visit the US, and it would be a great opportunity for some much-needed Japanese speaking practice. But that's looking unlikely anyway, alas.

Speaking of not being able to afford things, this IMP company keeps sending us free samples of the most fascinating educational material! About a week or so ago, they sent us a sample of their series on the lives of saints... which is kind of strange to type, now that I think about it, because in the LDS Church, we call all the members saints--Latter-day saints! Tadah! But anyway, this series is about Catholic saints, like Francis of Assisi and St. Patrick and Joan of Arc. One of the cards in the sample is about St. Veronica, which was cool, because then we went to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and the one chick's name was Veronica, and since she was all medieval and stuff, we're sure she was based on the saint. But we haven't gotten around to checking the card to see for sure, we are such slackers. But I do remember thinking that the character in the movie looked kind of like the painting on the card.

Today's free sample was from their new Unforgettable Journeys series. It came with a DVD about the Great Barrier Reef and Northeast Australia, and it looks soooooooo cool! (We haven't watched it yet.) Of course it also came with a thing that showed what other DVDs are in the series, and those looked so cool, too! Aaaahhhh! The cover of the Antarctica one even managed to make Antarctica look appealing! And they come with little booklets that teach you more about stuff... like birds... and cuttlefish (they have green blood! it's green! (apparently; there wasn't a picture of the blood))... and I think the culture and stuff, too. If it was just animals, we already got that covered with the Wildlife Explorer's series, also from that publisher, but that we had to cancel, because, as I mentioned, we can't afford anything. It's okay, though, because by now we probably have at least a couple hundred cards that we haven't actually gotten around to reading. Apparently we're more enamored with the idea of learning than the actual process. Every so often, we'll tell ourselves that one day we'll sit down and read all the Wildlife Explorer cards and maybe get ideas for fun characters for some sort of creative story-telling type thing that may or may not someday really exist.

Wow, those are some long paragraphs. Anyway, we do actually listen to the Classical Composers CDs we used to subscribe to. Maybe someday we'll actually open up the booklets that came with them and learn about the composers.

Today I'm thankful for free samples (at least we have one thing to look at!), Celeste once again being kind enough to drive us to the grocery store, having time for reading (not Wildlife Explorer cards, though... maybe someday...), not being the only ones with write-in votes for the favorite Disney villain poll at (though I think we're the only ones voting for Gaston; most other write-in votes seem to be for Scar), and the idea of learning.
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