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Happy Celeste's birthday!

Sometimes Celeste likes to tell people, "Happy my birthday!" It sounds a little self-centered at first, but if you think about it, that just means she wants everybody to have a nice day on her birthday, which is rather thoughtful, even if she is more interested in letting people know that it's her birthday.

So today we went to Mom's house for Celeste's birthday dinner, and Leia came and joined us, and we had a lovely time. But not really anything to post about, except maybe our big plan to dress everybody up as characters from Disney's Cinderella (a plan which is more than likely never going to be put into action). We just like dressing up with friends, so we even volunteered to be Anastasia and Drisella. Of course, pretty much all the casting was our volunteering somebody to dress up, except when we said our idea for Lady Tremaine, Mom said, "I could be Lady Tremaine!" (We had originally cast Mom as the Fairy Godmother.)

Then Sarah was all like, "Mom really is Lady Tremaine, because whenever I go to talk to her, she's lying on her bed petting a cat." And we all laughed, because it's true. Man, I miss cosplay.

Actually, we might get to do a little cosplay for Halloween after all. We e-mailed the agent and got pretty much the response we expected to get: no news yet. So I think the plan of action in regards to that is to proceed as if the Japan thing's not going to happen, but be ready in case it does. That being the case, we need to either get a supplemental income or find a cheaper place to live or something, because at the rate we're going, we can afford everything we need in the next three months as long as we don't buy anything extra (we sat down and worked it all out yesterday). But if we can figure that out, then we can go to Mickey's Halloween party at Disneyland with Gaston and Alice! Also, if we can figure that out, we'll be able to afford Beauty and the Beast when it comes out on Blu-ray, and then we can study our parts and play them better.

But we need to figure it out fast, because Kyoya's coming to the US next week, and we still haven't been able to tell him if we'd be able to meet up at Disneyland or not.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time visiting with Celeste and Leia and everyone, improbable plans for a Cinderella cosplay group, being home in time to watch a movie or something, still having chocolate toffee almonds, and still having some pirate treasure.
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