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Missionaries and creepy pictures

I forgot to mention yesterday that we got a visit from the missionaries! There was a time when I used to wonder what it would be like if the missionaries were out knocking on doors and they happened to knock on ours. But then I realized that they probably wouldn't, because they'd have our records and already know we were LDS (since the point is to spread the gospel and all). But yesterday they did anyway! We guess they were just going around the whole building, and they might have been new.

So they knocked on the door and said hi, and then asked if we'd talked to missionaries before, and I thought about it and realized that we actually don't talk to the missionaries very much, so I said no, not really, but we are members. They were kind of stunned, like, "...Oh. We didn't know that." It was really cute. So they asked if we knew anybody who might be interested in talking to the missionaries, but we don't know anybody local, because the only social interaction we get around here is at church, so.

Anyway, I was amused.

Last night, we remembered that we hadn't seen The Sorcerer's Apprentice yet, and we were worried because the reason we found out is that people were talking about the DVD release! Oh no! But we checked the three-dollar theater, and yay! it was there! So we took action immediately and called Celeste! and we all went to go see it. We liked it well enough, but I think our problem with it was too much action and not enough character interaction.

On the way home, Athena brought up the Halloween plushes that Mom had bought on Thursday, and all Celeste said about that was that Mom should have gotten the Ghostbusters dog before moving on to the other Halloween decoration Mom bought. I didn't talk about it because I think it's just a little too scary. It's this portrait that looks like an old-fashioned portrait from one angle, but changes to look all zombie-medusa-like as you move by. I don't know why that in itself is pretty creepy, maybe the idea of turning into something evil. Celeste told us that she and Steve were both scared by it, and Steve had declared that it was going to give people nightmares. And since we were talking about it, we had to say, "Oh man, and when you push the button...!"

Celeste had not pushed the button yet. She thought it was just to activate a sensor or something to make the picture change. We always figured the changing of the picture was because it was lenticular or something else that meant it didn't need batteries, but maybe the reason we knew about the button was that we saw it in the package at the store, with a big sticker that said "Try me!" So of course we had to try it and oh my goodness! The picture started screaming for help! So I thought about saying, "Oh, it just makes noise," to Celeste, but I didn't because I didn't want to ruin the surprise for when she tried it. And then! I remembered that it also makes the picture's eyes glow red! Aaaaahhhh!

Yeah, pretty creepy. Maybe creepier when you actually see it than when you read about it. And while we wouldn't want to have a creepy thing like that in our home, we're still sadistic enough to want to know how Celeste reacted when she tried it. (She said she would probably wait until the sun was out again. We could call and ask her, but we're going to see her tomorrow anyway, so we'll see.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Sorcerer's Apprentice, a cute visit from the missionaries, the deliciousness of toffee chocolate almonds, not having a creepy portrait in our apartment, and Fresh & Easy having big bags of pirate treasure on sale.
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