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Today we were spontaneous! Sort of. See, on Sunday, Mom was thinking of what kind of Halloween costumes to make for the little girl twins that she babysits sometimes, and she wanted to make princess costumes for them, and while she was looking at patterns, there was a pattern for the Disney fairy costumes, and we were like, "Oh, that could be cute!" But Mom hasn't seen the Tinker Bell movies, so we told her we should show them to her. She said maybe on Thursday, and that's today!

So we called Mom and asked if she wanted to watch the Tinker Bell movies, and she said no, she had some errands to run, but we could join her. So we did! Tadah! It wasn't much. Just a short trip to a sewing machine place to fix her fancy old-fashioned sewing machine, then off to lunch at Chick Fil-A, or however that crazy place spells their name. And then it was off to Jo-Ann's! Oooohhhhh!

It was probably for the best that we didn't have any money, because we were free from agonizing over what kind of fabric to get for the costumes we might like to make for Halloween or some anime convention we might go to. But! we got to look at all the cute Halloween stuff they had. They had these adorable little plush animals wearing Halloween costumes! There was a black cat wearing a witch's hat and cape and stirring a cauldron, and a puppy with one of those ghost costumes that's basically a sheet with eye-holes cut out, holding a trick-or-treat bucket thing for candy! And a teddy bear dressed as a devil with a pitchfork. And a little bat sitting on a jack-o-lantern!

And! If they weren't adorable enough on their own! we noticed they had little buttons on their paws that said "try me!" So we tried the cat and it started singing "Witch Doctor"! Aaaaaahhhh! (That's an "Oh my gosh that's the cutest thing ever!" kind of "aaaahhh," which is not the same as an "aaawww," because with W's it's more of a cooing, and with H's it's more of a squealing.) And the bear sang an Elvis song that we couldn't really make out because somebody else came along and was playing the cat again, even though we had just played the cat. But it was "Walk Like an Angel." I guess they were going for the irony, since it was dressed like a devil.

And! and! the dog sang the Ghostbusters theme! And its ears moved up and down with the beat, and it was even better with the one we tried, because one of its ears was tilted up extra, so it was going wild! So cute!!!!

Then we had a hard time with the bat, because nobody had pulled any of the tags on the battery packs that say "pull to activate." We finally found the one that was on display, and it starting singing the Addams Family theme song!!!! Aaaaaaahhhh!!

So of course Mom had to buy one. Then we found out they were on sale, so she got two--the cat and the bat. Soooooo cute!

Then there was more stuff... and Mom didn't actually get any costume patterns, because she found one for Snow White on eBay that she liked better than all the ones at official websites. See, when we were little, she made Athena a Snow White costume that was really really cute, and for the red parts on her sleeves, it had, like, inset stuff or something, instead of just using ribbon stripes or appliqueing little pointed oval shapes on them, like most of the patterns have these days. So she found a pattern that did it the right way, and then she wanted to wait to get it before deciding what to do with the other little twin. The big Twins are forced to come up with their own costume ideas. That's fine; for all we know, we'll be in Japan by then. Or not. I don't know.

Aaaanyway. After that, Mom took us to the college store! That's right; we've been living in a college town all this time. And they have an agricultural division, so they have a store that sells produce and meat and, more importantly, ice cream. And! chocolate toffee almonds. So Mom was super nice and bought us some ice cream (we decided to try the cake batter cookie dough flavor, since we had heard so many stories about it, and since the maple flavor had to go and have eeeeevil walnuts in it; I demand maple ice cream without nuts! (we could have tolerated cashews, but walnuts... no way)) and some chocolate toffee almonds.

And then she brought us home, and we finally got around to getting the free podcast that BYU offers to help pianists learn to play the organ. Come to find out, one of the lecturers on the podcasts lived next door to us at BYU. We borrowed her hair dryer to dry off the stray cat we'd taken in after giving him a bath, but she refused to believe that that's really why we needed it because cats Do Not take baths. (This one did. Probably because he was too sick to protest, poor thing. He was so cute.) And she was the accompanist when I was the Relief Society chorister.

And now that the laptop is started up, we need to see about burning these podcasts to CD, because we're so behind the times, we don't have anything even remotely close to an mp3 player. (Unless you count that our PCs.)

Today I'm thankful for a spontaneous day with Mom, Mom being super nice and buying us ice cream and chocolate toffee almonds (and milk; I forgot to mention that), helpful podcasts on playing the organ, getting to try cake batter cookie dough ice cream, and the most adorable little animals singing songs that are sort of related to Halloween.
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