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Who's got the time!?

We think Oreo is just about better! Yay!!

I'm going to try making this short today, because we have way too many things we want to do. We were planning to spend the day working on 12 Hate, but we slept in later than we expected. That wasn't a problem--we've been trying to sleep in for like a week now and haven't been very successful at it. Today we finally succeeded and it was nice. Aaahh... (Although Athena did have to get up at eight-thirty to feed the cats, and I had to get up at nine-fifteen to answer the phone (it wasn't the agent).)

Then we decided we ought to work on the column that's due this week, and that turned out to take much longer than expected, as well. And based on the content of the column and how long it took us, I think it's a very good illustration of why it would be utterly impractical for us to leave notes for every line of dialogue in a manga.

So we didn't get to work on 12 Hate, because then I had to practice the piano, and because for some reason eating seems to take up far more time than it should. But speaking of Sekaichi, it suddenly occurred to us, and we started wondering whether or not it was a coincidence, that the girl in the picture for Akiyoshi: The Next Generation (or Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki, if you want the real title, but the first one is more fun) has the same coloring as Ageha Shiroi. Hmmm... Then again, you'd think her kid would look more like Yukari.

It also occurred to us that there's a strong possibility they'll start re-releasing Sekaichi in special format soon. Kind of makes all the trouble we went to finding the last volumes on Amazon seem a little pointless. But at least now we don't have to wait forever for the end, because even if they do re-release it, we'll still have to wait for them to get to those last volumes.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo being much better, getting to sleep for a long time, getting that column finished (right, we still need to turn it in...), Celeste taking us to the ATM last night, and having the means for dessert tonight.
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