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Back from the dentist again

Oreo's doing better, but he's not eating. He seems interested in food... until he sees what we gave him and decides it's not worth the effort. But! we had to walk to the store for a few things and we got a can of Fancy Feast, so maybe he'll be willing to try that. On the other hand, usually when cats are nauseous (or Oreo, anyway), he prefers more bland food, which is why that one prescription thing we got him way back when was such an awesome thing. Oh well, I'm sure we'll find something for him.

Last night, I was thinking about how we made it halfway through our reread of M&N 5, even with all the distractions from kitty problems, so we should have no problem making it through the second half, because we don't have anything to get in the way! And then I remembered that we had a dentist appointment.

The appointment went really well. Everyone at the office is really really nice. One of our biggest fears about going to the dentist is having them be all like, "Ew! How could you do this to your teeth!? Don't you brush and floss!?" We do brush and floss, but that doesn't mean we're not afraid they'll say it anyway. But they didn't! Yay! And they didn't lecture us about not going to the dentist in so long, either. I guess when you don't have insurance, it's a little more understandable.

In fact, Athena tells me the hygienist said, "Sometimes teeth are like houses. You can only afford to decorate one thing at a time." (The "decorate" is in reference to filling cavities, in this analogy.) She also prescribed us some toothpaste that should help prevent our cavities from getting worse in the long time we can't get them filled. Hopefully it doesn't taste anything like that nasty gel they had to put on our teeth before numbing our mouths for fillings. I think that's one of the most disgusting things I've ever tasted, and it's even worse because it makes your tongue swell up so you can't use it right to spit anything out or swallow any of the saliva that keeps coming in an attempt to wash away the nastiness.

I actually caused one of the... technicians? nurses? I don't know what they're supposed to be called, but I gave her a little panic attack when I started coughing. My throat wanted to be cleared out, but I couldn't move my tongue. So I tried coughing instead, and she worried that I was having an allergic reaction. I'm very, very glad that I was not having an allergic reaction (but I was a little worried that I might choke on my own phlegm.

Anyway, now we each have one cavity filled and our teeth cleaned! Tadah! And we each got a goody bag. I got a second one, actually, but the hygienist seems to really like giving them out, because she almost seemed disappointed when I said I already had one. She's a fun person.

And after we got back, we had a late start on work, but not as late as it felt like, because we woke up two hours early. But it's all okay, because we happened to be on Twitter at exactly the right time to translate part of a YouTube video for Higuchi-sensei. (Maybe I shouldn't mention it every time... But it's exciting!)

Today I'm thankful for friendly dentists and other people at his office, goody bags, my mouth not being numb anymore (they had to give me two shots of Novocaine!), getting a cavity filled, and getting to translate something for Higuchi-sensei.
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