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Return of the kitty anxiety

Today, Oreo reminded us of one of our biggest concerns about possibly going to Japan: the cats. From the day we found out we might get a job in Japan, that was our biggest concern (second biggest: how to deal with all our stuff). I even mentioned them to the agent. He didn't talk like it would be impossible, but he did say it would probably be best to find someone to take care of them while we're gone. (Have I explained this before...?)

Anyway, last night it got brought up when Dad called, and he said that when one of his wife's kids and their spouse moved to Japan, they wanted to take their dog, but it had to be quarantined for six months. We don't know if you have to do that with cats, but if you do, we might as well just leave Oreo and Page here the whole time anyway, because by the time they can join us, we'll be leaving soon.

The tricky thing about all this is Oreo. We're pretty sure Page would be able to adapt anywhere, but Oreo always been really shy, and not only that, but whoever takes care of him would have to also take care of any potential problems caused by his sensitive insides. And that's what Oreo reminded us of today!

It was return of the projectile vomiting. There was no warning, no indication Oreo hadn't been feeling well. Just suddenly... yeah. So we gave him some medicine! Tadah!

Two and a half hours later, he vomited again. It was less projectile this time, but we didn't notice because aaaaahhhhhh, we gave Oreo medicine, but he's not completely cured! Aaaaaahhhhh!!

We decided that the problem was that he had been eating regular dry food, because we ran out of his special hypoallergenic stuff. Maybe if he had some food to settle his stomach that wouldn't then proceed to aggravate his intestines, he would be all better. So we called Mom for an emergency trip to the pet store! ...but she didn't have a car. So we called Leia for an emergency trip to the pet store! ...but she was at work. Boo. Finally, Leia said Han was probably available to help out, and help he did! And it's been over an hour since we got back and gave Oreo his fancy food, and he's been fine ever since! Yay!

We're not out of the woods yet, though. It hasn't been that long, after all. So we're still keeping an eye on him, and if he's not all better, we'll give him some more medicine. If he gets worse, of course we'll take him to the vet. We're really hoping he doesn't get worse, though, because we can't afford any medical tests, and a stethoscope ain't gonna tell us nothing.

In the meantime, we're just a little worried because we know things are going to work out, and we know that the cats will be in good hands if we up and go to Japan. The problem is, and we really really really really really really hope this doesn't happen, but the easiest way to find someone to take care of Oreo would be if he didn't need anybody to take care of him anymore. I mean, if he's going to die soon anyway, that's one thing--he'd get to see Mimsy again, and he couldn't be in better hands. But for all we know, he's still got, like, five years or more.

Then again, it's possible we won't be going to Japan anyway, and there won't be anything to worry about! Except getting another job, but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

Today I'm thankful for friends being available and kind enough to drive us on an emergency trip to PetSmart, getting cash back at PetSmart so we can get quarters for laundry, having more hypoallergenic food for Oreo (we're going to be more careful about letting that run out from now on), having a ride to and from the dentist tomorrow, and Oreo looking very comfortable.
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