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Nothing to report.

It's been a pretty nice Saturday. We did some translating, and we did a few chores in the kitchen and bathroom, and then we decided we had been productive enough and it was time for video games! It's really hard to feel like we're making any progress in Tactics Advance 2, so we wanted to have a nice big chunk of time to play with.

There hasn't been any word on whether or not we've gotten the Japan job, and it's been a week since the day we were supposed to maybe have heard something by. Yesterday, while we were walking to the store, we started coming up with reasons for not hearing anything that would make the lack of news super awesome. Like maybe they won't actually need us for a little while longer, so we'll have that much more time to get everything taken care of before we have to leave. If it takes long enough, we might still get to go to Mickey's Trick-or-Treat party with Gaston and Alice. Of course, it'll still be there next year, but this year is the year Beauty and the Beast is coming out on Blu-ray, so they might have a special Beauty and the Beast character area, like they did with Snow White last year, and in that case, we'd definitely not want to miss it.

But then maybe we haven't heard anything because the client company went with somebody else, and they haven't felt the need to tell the agency... We're just going to keep our minds open and be flexible about it.

In the meantime, apparently our ward choir had such a hard time getting people to show up at practice before church that they just disbanded! We only heard the news secondhand, but it would explain why there was no choir practice announcement after sacrament meeting last week. This is more than a little annoying. I'm sure that if the new choir director (again, we only heard this secondhand, but apparently there was one) had sat down and thought about it for a little while, he would have come up with a solution that didn't involve giving up entirely. Also, if the other ward hadn't made it impossible for us to practice in the church during normal choir practice... Sigh. At least we'll be able to make it to and from church more easily.

Today I'm thankful for the extra donuts from seminary that we got to take home from Mom's house yesterday (the only sad thing is that they're already gone...), having lots of time to play FFTA2, getting to surprise people with happy things, not having to turn on the air conditioning today, and the idea of one day getting to try maple flavored Life cereal.
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