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We ended up being out much later than expected today, so I'm going to try to sum up quickly so we can get a little more Tactics in before bedtime.

First we went to the dentist, and although we each had several cavities, we think we did pretty well for not having been to the dentist in several years, as neither of us needs a root canal. Then Gaston (who drove us to the dentist) had plans to go to lunch with his cousin, and since he didn't have time to take us home first, we joined them at Wassabi, a Japanese restaurant established by a Korean. Gaston made us try some Japanese food (we would have been happy sitting and talking while they ate...), and it didn't make us gag, but it was still too... foreign, I guess is the most accurate word, but more in the "foreign concept" sense, and even though we got one box lunch to split, we couldn't quite finish it. I think there is a possibility of being able to eat such flavors, but it would take baby steps.

We went back to the dentist's office because the dentist (Gaston's father, and a very friendly person) needed a ride to pick up a car, so we didn't get home until about three-thirty. Right when we were about to update LiveJournal, Celeste called and asked if we wanted to join her and Sarah at IHOP, and we did, and the Minionade is really good, and I especially like the sparkles. Then, since Mom's friend from back when we lived in SoCal is in town, we went to Mom's house and had some good conversation until everybody else (early risers, all of them) decided they needed to go to bed. And now here we are! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the dentist trip not being too scary, getting to try new foods, getting to go to a restaurant with more familiar food after that, getting to see Mom's friend again, and having a good time talking with everybody.
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