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It's like Histeria... only not. At all.

Not much to report today. We're very much looking forward to tomorrow, when we can start eating sugar in full force again. Not that we can't eat sugar anyway, but since we're having teeth problems right now, we figure it would be best not to exacerbate them until after the dentist has alleviated them some. Oh, but my mouth has been replaying such wonderful chocolaty tastes... so tantalizing... And then I remember that we still have an unopened canister of Nesquik... It's got calcium in it!

That's a dangerous train of thought. Time for a transfer.

A looooooong long time ago, like maybe two weeks, we watched the first episode of Sengoku Basara. We keep meaning to watch more of it, but then things pop up that we'd rather do instead. Mostly Tactics Advance 2. But it's a fascinating series in that it seems to be based on Japanese history, but is so completely anachronistic. For example, Date Masamune is apparently fluent in English, including phrases that probably didn't exist in England back when Date Masamune was alive. (Though on the other hand, I guess if someone was throwing a party, they might have said, "Let's party," back then... Did they use party in the sense of having a party back then?)

We think that whoever came up with the characters' personalities had a similar thought process to Mayu Fujikata when she created her own Date Masamune. Unfortunately, he didn't get to show up in Bancho-sama before CMX got shut down. But anyway, Fujikata-sensei explains that when she thinks "date," she thinks "Italy (one of the kanji in it is also the kanji that represents Italy in Japanese writing), but she doesn't know Italian, so she had him speak English instead.

Anyway. It's interesting that Disney's Pocahontas seems to get a lot of criticism for not being historically accurate, but in Japan, they have anime and stuff that messed with their history all over the place. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for the thought of eating lots of sugar tomorrow (and then brushing), the neat short story at the end of Portrait of M & N 5 (it was long and took a lot of time to translate, but it was fun), the opening sequence to Sengoku Basara, Page realizing that no she doesn't want to be outside in the super hot heat, and getting to watch Psych tonight.
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