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It's the little things.

It's been really hard to keep the energy levels up today. I think it might be a combination of not getting enough to eat lately and anxiety over our uncertain future. But there have been a lot of little awesome things!

First, we ran out of cereal on Saturday. That's not awesome. (Although the Cinnamon Life cereal we had was pretty awesome, and eating the last cereal in a box usually means extra large servings.) We had some Pillsbury Grands yesterday and this morning, but then we were all out. No more breakfast food for us! So we figured we were going to have to go to the store.

But! today was the first day of school! (That still weirds us out. It's only August! And there's still more than a week left! (Where we grew up, school started in September.)) And since there were a bunch of people at Mom's house who would be going to school, Mom made breakfast for everyone! We were still at our own apartment, so we didn't get any, but! Mom made too much, so Celeste brought us some leftover pancakes! We're going to save them and they should give us at least two more breakfasts! Woohoo!

Second, we've been a little tiny bit more talkative over at Twitter. Last night, one of the Japanese voice actresses we follow (Saki Matsumoto--Link in WindWaker and Pike in Princess Tutu) tweeted about DisneySea, and she specifically mentioned Sindbad's Storybook Voyage. So we screwed up all our courage and tweeted at her! Nothing special; it was just like, "Yay, Sindbad!" And this morning we checked the tweets to us, and we were like, "She probably didn't say anything," but she did! She was like, "I know, right?" We were like, "We went on it three times!" and she was like, "I always go on it two or three times, too!" And fortunately, it wasn't the kind of tweet that made us think, "Ooohhh nooooo! We didn't tweet back and now it's nine hours later!" So that was an added bonus.

Then we decided we should tweet about how we started Portrait of M & N today, so we tweeted about it in English for all the manga fans following, and then we tweeted it in Japanese to let Higuchi-sensei know! And she tweeted back at us, too! And it was another tweet that didn't make us feel pressured to tweet back again. We're very timid lately, and I can't handle too much pressure today. But I think that when we're done we should tweet how we liked it.

Today I'm thankful for leftover pancakes, getting to wait a couple more days before going to the store, low-pressure tweet replies from famous Japanese people, fellow Sindbad-lovers, and making good progress on M&N despite our strangely low number of work hours today.
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