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Another long day away from home! We didn't get to church early, though, because our ride forgot about us. It was our own fault for not calling her, and we suspect something may have come up. In sacrament meeting we had a bunch of talks on service, so I was wondering what we can do to serve others, and then! the Primary president from Mom's ward showed up right after the meeting and asked if I could play the piano for them again! Problem solved! For today. We're going to need to keep our eyes open.

We were sad, though, because there was one song that the Primary is learning that was just so beautiful, especially sung by lots of little kids, that it brought tears to our eyes... when the junior Primary sang it. When the senior primary sang it, it was quite a letdown. Oh well.

Then we went to Mom's house, where we basically just hung out until all the small children went home and we could work on Personal Progress. So all the girls had a fun time talking and stuff, and then it was late and we came home. But we got to wear the nice t-shirts Mom bought for us that have a bunch of Marvel guys on them and say "I only date super heroes." But we're a little sad about them, because Mom ordered one for Celeste, too, but they only had two by the time they shipped them, and so Celeste didn't get one. We would have let her have them, but it really makes sense if there's two for us to have them. So they better design a better shirt for Celeste to get!

Before church, since we had more time than we expected, we took a picture of me from behind, to show how long our hair is. I was even like, "It's just one picture; we'll be able to upload it after church!" But I underestimated my laziness, so it's going to have to wait for some other time.

Today I'm thankful for opportunities to serve, Mom getting us fun t-shirts, not completely messing up all the Primary songs, the very tasty brownies we had for dessert, and having a fun time working on Personal Progress with people.
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