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If wishes were fishes...

Today we took the day off! Woohoo! ...sort of. After we turned in our Happy Cafe translation, we didn't have anything official to work on. But soon we'll have another volume of Portrait of M & N, so it's all good, I guess. We realized today that we can't necessarily count on getting any money soon, which is kind of frustrating, because it feels like we've been working and working and working and not really getting any money. Fortunately, that feeling is not true to fact, and we have been getting enough money to feed ourselves and pay some bills, but we're a little worried about rent. And let's face it--we want to buy manga. And anime CDs. And video games. And import video games. And DVDs. And...

Yeah, yeah, stop whining.

We finished watching Soul Eater last night (which certainly does not help in curbing the longing to buy manga), and it was pretty awesome. I would say less awesome than the ending to FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but I'm just going to chalk it up to the fact that the Soul Eater manga is still going on. I keep wanting to call Marie "Molly," because in the first episode she showed up in, the credits revealed her last name to be Mjolnir, and Molly Mjolnir just sounds so much better than Marie Mjolnir. But then we weren't sure if Molly would be spelled with a katakana ma or a katakana mo, so now we're not sure if we like Molly or Mary, but I'm used to Molly, so. Not like it really matters; it's not like we talk about it that much.

We've actually been finishing up a lot of stuff lately. We finished FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, we finished Labyrinth of Grimm, we finished Soul Eater, we finished our long list of manga deadlines... It's almost like we're about to start a new phase of our lives or something. (Still no word on the relocation thing, though.)

Today I'm thankful for being done going out in the heat, websites where we can legally watch anime without needing to pay for it, still having work, having enough money to pay our bills, and having milk so we can have cereal for breakfast tomorrow.
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