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They're ba-ack!

We finished another volume of Happy Cafe. I think that's our favorite series that we're currently on. This volume's full of all our favorite things, but it's a little frustrating that most of the characters in it haven't shown up in the American release yet. Like all the random characters that suddenly showed up in volume six that I was complaining about.

Speaking of those characters, it turns out that two of them who seemed strangely important for having never shown up before actually had shown up before! Just not in Happy Cafe. They were the main characters of a short story Matsuzuki-sensei did before Happy Cafe. And it's super awesome that Matsuzuki-sensei put them in Happy Cafe, because that means that, like with Hidaka-sensei, we might still get to see favorite characters even after their series is over! I think it would be neat to see Sakura in the future.

Umm... I'm not sure what else to type about. Word is gradually getting out about us maybe going to Japan. For the most part, everybody is being very encouraging, but Gaston has mixed feelings about it because we're the best people to go to Disneyland with. And we hate to make people sad, especially when Disneyland is involved, so it was kind of a tough phone call. But what would be super awesome is if people came to visit us while we were in Japan, and then we could take them to DisneySea! We want to take everybody we know to DisneySea. Unless they're the type to be like, "I don't like walking! *whine whine whine*" Then they can just not come.

On the other hand, since we'd be working at the office and then probably coming home and working on our freelance stuff, we might not have any free time at all. And of course there's always the possibility that we're not going.

In the meantime, Kyoya e-mailed last night. He's coming to California next month and he asked if we could go to Disneyland again! That would also be awesome... but we don't know if we'll be in California then. Either way, it looks like fun stuff is could be happening in September.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Happy Cafe translation even though we got a late start, manga artists who bring characters back, unholy alliances between certain devious characters, the yummy chocolate cupcakes we had from Fresh & Easy, and getting to watch Summer Wars again last night (we need to make sure to watch it lots before it comes out in the States so Clay's money will have been well spent).
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