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We're back!

First of all! Rightstuf is having a sale on CMX manga! Now would be a great time to get some of their awesome titles before they disappear forever! (And who knows; maybe if a lot of stuff sells, there will be hope of resurrecting the company... *wistful*)

We ended up being away from home much later than expected last night, and since it was just about midnight when we got home, we decided not to bother posting to LJ. But we were very helpful yesterday!

We already knew that we were going to be filling in a lot. Last week, Mom asked me not to kill her before confessing that she volunteered me to play the piano for her ward's Primary (she didn't need to worry about me killing her, though; I like playing the piano). And before that, the current ward librarian asked us to fill in for her because she would be visiting family. Then on Saturday, the ward music coordinator called because there was supposed to be a special musical number, but the quartet that was going to sing asked for more time to practice, so Athena filled in for them by choosing a rest hymn for the whole congregation to sing.

And to top it all off! when we walked into sacrament meeting (just barely on time; eheh...), the bishop informed Athena that there was no organist, so I got to fill in by playing the piano. That could have turned out better--I realized in the middle of the opening hymn that I should have opened up the back of the piano so it would be louder. D'oh. Playing the piano for primary also could have gone better--I was completely unfamiliar with Mom's conducting style (she's her ward's Primary chorister), and in both junior and senior Primaries, someone complained that I was playing too fast. I'm pretty sure I wasn't actually, but I haven't pulled out the metronome to check yet. Plus I accidentally left our Primary songbook at the church. D'oh again.

On the bright side! I got to talk to Molly about blowing her off, and she sounded sincere when she said that it was okay, she was actually in a hurry and shouldn't have taken the time out to drive us. Then we made arrangements for her to take us to choir practice next week (we missed it again yesterday!).

After lots of church, we went to Mom's house for dinner, and we also had a good time talking with people. Plus! we finally rectified the problem of our having not seen Iron Man. Definitely a very good movie; we really like the theme of accountability. Too many people try not to take responsibility for their actions.

We also talked a lot about what there is to eat in Japan. People were trying to convince us that we won't starve after all (if we go), but the more we talked, the more despair we felt. Our pickiness is obviously a very severe case. Steve tried to tell us that if we were hungry enough, we'd eat anything, but we actually tried that back when we were very very poor in 2006. We had no food and even less money, so we tried getting a bunch of ramen from the 99 Cents Only Store (ten packs for a dollar) and tried it out! But hungry as we were, we just could not force ourselves to eat very much of it. Ah well, I'm sure we'll manage something. We might at least be able to cure ourselves of our rice aversion.

Today I'm thankful for getting to finally see Iron Man, the yumminess of the chocolate truffle cake from Fresh & Easy, having a good time conversing with people yesterday, having the opportunity to help out, and getting the items to make another little dragon at Square-Enix Members.
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