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Ooohhhhh noooooo!!!

Today was suddenly and unexpected filled with emotional turmoil! Dun dun DUN!

It all started when we were walking home from Fresh & Easy. As we were walking, Barbie's friend Midge, who is also our friend and will be re-codenamed Molly (just because), drove by. Or she started to drive by, but then she saw us and stopped. I think she was in a kind of turn lane next to the island in the middle of the street, but thanks to our utter lack of interest in drivers' licenses, I really couldn't say for sure. Eheh.

Anyway, she stopped and asked us if we needed a ride. We did not, and we told her so, but she wanted to give us a ride anyway, since she knows where we live and therefore knew we still had a bit of a ways to go before we made it home. She had just left her own home (between our home and the store) so it wouldn't have been too far out of her way to make a quick detour.

Still, we were stubborn. We can't even quite figure out why we were so stubborn about it, but we think it was partly inertia (an object in motion wants to stay in motion), partly our "Would you just drive away before somebody runs into you!?" mindset, partly Athena's "My hands are full (we bought two kinds of cake!); it would be more of a pain to get in a car than to keep walking" attitude, and partly my "I'm carrying a jar! Jars break! Aaaaahhhhh!" anxiety. So when Molly was like, "Are you sure you don't need a ride? It's not any trouble at all!" then we were like, "No, we need the exercise! Rahhh!" (only without the actual "rahhh"). And she got this look on her face like... I'm not sure what it was like exactly, but it was kind of a smug, "Figures," I guess.

And when I saw that look on her face, I was suddenly filled with horror! What if she thinks we hate her because we blew her off!? Oh no! That's totally not even close to the case! It's just that we're insane! Really, that's all!

I conveyed my fear to Athena, and she was like, "That's okay. It's not like we do it all the... Oh no, we totally blew her off for a ride yesterday!"

That's right. We blew her off yesterday, too. Out of nowhere, our home teacher called and asked if we wanted to go to a baptism (we're going to have a new member in our ward as soon as he gets back from cooking for the US military in Japan!). We didn't really like the idea of a sudden interruption in our yet-to-be-determined schedule, but other than that, we saw no reason not to go, and it's always good to show support! So off we went!

Molly was there, too, and she asked us if we had a ride home. We did have a ride home, because our home teacher is a good home teacher, and when he drives us somewhere, he always makes sure to drive us home, too. Molly pointed out that it would be more convenient if she drove us home, because she only lives a couple of blocks away from us. We said yeah, that makes a lot of sense, so we'll see, maybe we'll go home with you. But then she started talking to people, and our home teacher said, "Hey, you ready to go home?" So we left! And we didn't even say, "Hey, Molly, we're going with our home teacher after all!" Aaaahhhhh!!! But she was talking to people and there wasn't really room to interrupt! (Excuses, excuses...) We're sorry!!!!

(On the plus side, HT had a minor geek-out about cars on the way home, so we figure he doesn't mind extra driving.)

So when we go to church tomorrow, we're going to have a bit of explaining to do. Molly's pretty nice, though, so I think she'll forgive us.

Today I'm thankful for lots of kind people willing to drive us around, cake being on sale at Fresh & Easy, getting to try the chocolate truffle cake from Fresh & Easy, getting to go to the temple this morning, and also having chocolate cupcakes from Fresh & Easy.
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