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Family Home Evening away from home

I feel like there was something I was thinking about posting about today, but I can't remember what it is. Oh well.

Yesterday the activity at Family Home Evening was playing kickball. We figured we might as well actually not sit out this time, because kickball takes a lot less coordination than a lot of other sports. Especially this version, which had a giant Disney Princess ball instead of a regular kickball. And nobody else was coming to play, which is always disappointing. I guess we don't really have the right to be disappointed when people don't play, because we often sit out ourselves, but usually more people participate, which is how we're able to justify our lameness.

We only played for the first round, and there aren't really any stories to tell. I think our team had everybody playing the wrong position, or maybe we were just all terrible, because the other team got like eleven points in two innings, and we got like three. Then we decided to mix up the teams, and Athena and I decided we'd had enough.

So we went and listened in on a couple of people talking about science and religion. That was pretty fascinating, but then Brother H had to take a phone call, so there was a pause in the conversation, and we changed the subject to Disneyland! And we actually didn't start it. One of the girls I visit teach asked if we bought the shirts we were wearing at Disneyland. We said California Adventure, actually, and she pointed out that she'd never been to that one, adding that she hadn't been to Disneyland in some ridiculously long amount of time. So we told her to save up, and she said she had more important things to save up for, and we were incredulous, and she was like, "Dude, I have family I want to visit." That seemed like a sort of legitimate reason, but then we solved the problem! Both parties can save up, and they can meet at Disneyland! Tadah! All roads lead to Disneyland.

And then Donald, who happened to be standing there silently most of the time, finally chimed in, and we started talking about the new Star Tours plans. Yesterday, the Disney Parks Blog posted the new video for the queue area, advertising a tour package which may or may not include destinations that are actually on the ride. The new ride will take place between the two Star Wars trilogies, so one of the tours offered is to Alderaan, "the safest planet in the galaxy." I think the most fitting response to that is ^^;

And then we had root beer floats, and then we got bored and came home! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play kickball and stop when we wanted to, having a ride to the temple tomorrow morning, getting a bunch of new coat hangers at the 99 Cents Only Store yesterday, the idea of a Star Tours upgrade, and more little plot tidbits in Happy Cafe.
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