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We've finally left Hinamizawa and are back at Cafe Bonheur this week! Only not really, because they're still at the school festival. But they might be getting back to Bonheur soon. Anyway, the point is, I want to get volume one of Kou Matsuzuki's new series. But we're kind of not sure if it would be a good idea.

We have money right now, so we could probably order some manga, but we're not sure how long we're going to need to wait to get more money, and when we do get that more money, we're still not sure how much we're going to need. If we end up going to Japan, we might need all of it for preparations and stuff. If we don't end up going to Japan, we'll need it to support ourselves while we figure out Plan B. Of course, if we do go to Japan, we can just buy a bunch of manga when we get there. But then we have to wait until we get there. Oh well, it's not like we don't have anything else to do.

Speaking of the millions of things we have to occupy ourselves, we finally finished Labyrinth of Grimm for real this time.

Okay, so we finally got Wilhelm to say, "Oh, you remember all this? Okay, then here. This is the ending you've been waiting for!" So the chapter ends and suddenly Henrietta's standing at the big scary door to go fight the Demon Lord, and she has the whole party with her, including the Thorn Prince but excluding Muma. And this time! instead of just saying, "Now you can summon the Gold Dragon!" Brunhilde says, "Here's the ring of the Nibelung! Now you can not only seal the Demon Lord away, but send him to Valhalla!" (And Valhalla will always and forever remind me of the "commercial" in Histeria!: "Valhalla~ Valhalla~!♪ You've got some time to kill!♫ Valhalla~ Valhalla~!♪ The dead guys' bar and grill!♪♫")

And the ring is made up of all Henrietta's friends' feelings for her! Awwww! And Henrietta says to Brunhilde, "But! I want to save my brother!" And Brunhilde's like, "I understand how you feel! But if you hold Jacob's soul next to your soul the whole time the dragon's killing Wotan, then if it doesn't kill you, you'll save Jacob!" So they summon the Gold Dragon, and Henrietta holds Jacob's hand, and everyone's like, "No! It's too dangerous! Wotan will kill you!!!" And she's like, "I don't care! I'll never let go!!" And the castle starts shaking and collapsing and stuff, and then! Wotan leaves Jacob's body! And Brunhilde uses a crystal to suck him inside! And she goes and takes it to Valhalla.

And Jacob's like, "Henrietta? Is that you?" And they're all happy! ...until! *cough cough hack!* JAcob starts coughing up blood! And we're like, "Oh, game. No you didn't." And Jacob's like, "This must be my punishment for letting the Demon Lord live inside me for too long. *dies*"

Psych! They took him back to the port town by the Demon Castle, and he lives! But he has to be in a wheel chair. But he lives!!! Man, this game is sadistic. And all of the Grimms have taken charge of the castle, which has now turned into a beautiful paradise, and happens to belong to the Frog Prince's kingdom, but his family doesn't mind if they take care of it.

And now the Grimms want to have a party, and they invite all the people who helped Henrietta on her quest, but all the royalty people show up later with all their royal entourages, because Frosch's kingdom has gotten a little overprotective. And then Thorn Prince is like, "You should just declare independence and make your own country. Then you can be the princess." And Briar Rose is like, "That's an excellent idea!" And Frosch's retainer Heinrich is like, "How can you say that! Look how angry you're making his highness!" And Frosch is like, "Hey, that's a great idea! But why stop at princess? You could be the queen!"

And they party and then they shoot off fireworks, and Jacob tells Henrietta to open up the magic book, because she hasn't in a long time and maybe there's a surprise in it. And surprise! now Henrietta can summon Brunhilde and Wotan (who is no longer evil)! And Jacob says that Brunhilde said that she can't restore him to health yet, but she wants to help them someday. And Henrietta's like, "We should invite them to the party!"

And then Henrietta's narration talks about how Jacob used to always say something about how everyone is a prince or princess, and now they're going to create their own fairy tale kingdom where dreams come true and everyone is a prince or princess, and won't you come visit our land across the sea? And we're like, "Oh my gosh! They want us to go to Tokyo Disneyland!" Thank you, we will! (Though maybe not as soon as we think...)

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

Still a little sad that Muma didn't get to be in the grand finale, though. Poor guy; he never gets what he wants. But they did have pictures of him in the super extra long credits, so at least he wasn't completely forgotten.

Today I'm thankful for finally finally finally getting the happy ending in Labyrinth of Grimm, getting more Dove chocolate and peanut butter bars at the 99 Cents Only store, the Valhalla jingle from Histeria!, a surprising amount of plot happening outside of Bonheur, and Shindo being adorable.
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