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Blah, I don't wanna post today. Nothing really post-worthy has happened since yesterday, and I posted about yesterday yesterday. I guess I could talk about characters in Howl's Moving Castle some more.

Let's see... One thing that kind of stood out to us yesterday, watching some of the Howl's DVD extras, is that they kept calling Howl a really deep character. That seemed kind of strange, because his whole deal is that Calcifer took his heart when he was a kid, and it hasn't changed since then. So all of his tantrums and stuff happened because he's not deep--he's a shallow little kid.

On the other hand, there's the whole thing about him turning into a monster, which tends to be an automatic depth-builder in any character. And since he's got the heart of a little kid, that would make it all the more tragic for him to turn into a monster, and tragedy is an automatic depth-builder, too. Also, it seems like when a character is forced to not get any deeper by circumstance (Howl isn't the only character unable to mature, after all), that adds leagues and leagues of depth. I'm not sure why that is. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to eat mini cinnamon donuts, finishing work early today, getting to raise our stats at Square-Enix Members, getting to have cereal for breakfast today, and Psych being on tonight.
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