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Where does the time go!?

Today has been a great day, but we haven't had any time! We started out by going to the temple with Leia, and then we went to Wendy's for lunch, and then she took us grocery shopping, and then we came back to our apartment to hang out. Leia's been reading the sequel to Howl's Moving Castle, so she really wanted to watch the movie, and we just happened to have it! Tadah!

So we watched that and then we watched some of the bonus features and found ourselves disagreeing with the interpretations of the people in charge of the dub once again. I wonder if it's just us--we can think of several characters that we think are actually pretty shallow, that a lot of other people seem to think are very rich and deep. I thought for a second about going into that in more detail, but then decided that it's really late and I'd rather get to bed.

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend a lot of time with Leia, getting to go to the temple, getting to go to Wendy's and have a Frosty, getting our grocery shopping done, and getting to watch Howl's Moving Castle. After talking to Leia about it, we're really interested in reading the book... If only we could find the time!
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