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Twitter recently started this thing where it suggests people for you to follow. Some people seem to really hate it, but we like it, because it's helped us find a bunch of Japanese voice actors and a voice director! Yay!

Today we found the actress who played Henrietta in Labyrinth of Grimm! Apparently she's in Precure, which seems to be vastly more popular in Japan than it is here. We've only seen a few episodes, because we found out about it late and by the time we did want to watch it, we were daunted by the number of episodes--and that was way back before we gave up our life of piracy! And it's still ongoing! All the voice actors we follow on Twitter seem to get together when it's on and tweet about it.

Now we can watch the first season on Crunchyroll, but it's still pretty intimidating, even without the rest of the series to think about. But anyway, we think it's hilarious that the monsters are called zakenna. Maybe that's why it's not as popular in the States as it is in Japan--lots of Japanese jokes that just don't carry over that well.

But speaking of Labyrinth of Grimm, we sat down to finish it on Friday night. Even though we love this game very very much, to be honest, our attitude was kind of like, "Let's get this thing over with already!" We were so ready to move on. We'd already gotten like a million endings, and spent a bunch of time skipping scenes and trying to remember which choices we hadn't already done yet so we could maybe find something new. We thought we could get the dream demon's ending on Monday, but it looked like we hadn't unlocked whatever it is we needed to unlock, so we got the Frog Prince's sad ending (he stays a frog and runs away and he and Henrietta are sad; it took us forever to get it, even though we knew exactly where it was).

Then we tried for the dream demon again and tadah! there was a new scene! But we had to turn the game off because it was bedtime. Then we couldn't find an opportunity to play until Friday, and we were so ready to finally get to save Jacob.

So we fast forward to after the Demon Lord has attacked and everyone's back at the inn to get a good night's rest before trying to figure out how to defeat him. But Henrietta wakes up to a cat coming in her room, and she feeds it and it steals her magic book. Of course she can't do anything without the book, so she chases it, and it morphs into the dream demon, who says she has to find it if she wants it back, and then takes her to his home. And then we find out about his tragic past! (Because there's always a tragic past.)

The dream demon (I'll call him Muma, because it's shorter) was like, "You really don't remember me, do you?" And then he showed Henrietta a flashback about how he was a starving kitten, but then he started feeding off of women's dreams. One day he came across Henrietta, but since she was too young to be in love with anybody, he couldn't sneak into her dreams to steal them, but she was like, "Aww, poor kitty! You're hungry; let me take you home!" And so he became a member of her family. He liked her well enough, so he didn't mind not being able to eat any dreams for a while. (We still don't know why he couldn't sneak into the village at night and steal other people's dreams, but whatever.)

But! he couldn't live off of mortal food anymore, and he was starving. One time, he was so hungry, he tried to eat Henrietta's dream anyway, but he just couldn't do it! So he was going to starve to death, but he was okay with that because he loved Henrietta and being part of her family that much.

But! in his starving, weakened state, his tail turned from a cat tail into a demon tail (because he couldn't maintain the disguise), and Jacob and Wilhelm caught him! They forced him to show them his true form, and then they forced him out of the house because they didn't want him hurting Henrietta. He tried to explain that he would never hurt her! but he felt guilty, because he did try to eat her dream, after all, and he couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't try it again. So he ran away after all, and we were all crying and stuff. It was so sad!

And when Henrietta found out her kitty had left, she ran out and cried, "Come back! My brothers are nice! They're worried about you and want you back!" Awwwwww! *sniffle*

Henrietta still didn't trust him, because even though he was her kitty, he had done some terrible things to her and her friends all this time, so she ran away! I guess she was going to get the magic book back later or something. But then she got attacked by wolves and it was Beauty and the Beast all over again! Only in this version, the beast was already hurt before he fought the wolves, because he had helped Wilhelm steal the key from Jacob! And this wound wasn't just like a gash or something. It was literally erasing his existence! Oh no!

So while he's all dying and stuff, there's not much Henrietta can do, so he goes to sleep and she goes to look for her magic book. She doesn't find it, but she does find! a fairytale book that Jacob wouldn't let her read because it was too dark for young children. So she had her kitten get it from the high shelf for her and they read it together. It was about a princess who had a terrible nightmare about a monster attacking her kingdom and stealing her away, and she was so afraid of the dream that she couldn't get to sleep. The king was so worried that he promised her hand in marriage to anyone who could help her get to sleep. So the Moon Prince came and drank a special medicine that let him go inside her dream and slay the monster! But he could never come out of the dream world, so the princess was sad. But one day, a monster came out of the forest to take her away, but she recognized him as the Moon Prince because he had the same crescent-shaped sword, so she went with him gladly. The end. (I checked if this was in our Grimms' fairytale collection, but if it is, it has a title that makes it less recognizable. Boo. Hopefully they didn't just make it up.)

And then the Demon Lord found them! And he gave Muma another chance--he was like, "Be honest. You only captured Henrietta because you wanted to give her to me. Right?" And Muma was like, "Nuh-uh!" And Jacob was like, *kill*. But the killing missed, I guess, and they started dream-hopping. Muma didn't want to eat dreams in front of Henrietta, so he went to the dreams of people who would help her, like the Frog Prince's father, and asked for their help. They would give him things that he could then use to teleport to the next dream. Finally they came to the dream of the witch who raised Rapunzel, and she gave them the very same medicine that the Moon Prince used in that fairy tale! And Muma was like, "Thanks," and Henrietta was like, "No, you can't use that!" and he was like, "I... won't. Really."

Finally they made it to the dreams of the party members but wait! the Demon Lord knew they were coming and beat them there! Oh no! So Muma pulled out the potion, and Henrietta was like, "No! You promised you wouldn't!" And Muma was like, "I know I'm ugly, but let me be a prince for you, just this once!" And Henrietta was forced to leave without him! Oh, it was so sad.

So Henrietta and her party went to fight the Demon Lord, and Wilhelm met them there with the last key, and the Demon Lord was stuck in a daze because of whatever it was Muma did in the dream world. So they summoned the Gold Dragon and killed him. And Henrietta was like, "Is it over?" and Ludwig was like, "Yes. But we couldn't save Jacob." And we were like, "What?" "And Wilhelm's gone now, too." "What!? WHAT!?" All that work and they're still dead!? (Wilhelm wasn't really dead, but they never saw him again.) GAAAAAAAME!!!! *shakes fist*

Anyway. Henrietta passed out and had a dream, where Muma showed up, and Henrietta ran to him! and he was like, "No, don't come any closer! You'll never be able to go back to reality!" "I don't care!" "No, I won't let you!" So Henrietta was forced to say goodbye again, and it was all very sad. But then! there was a new page in her magic book! and she could summon Muma! But she was going to wait until he wasn't so exhausted from all that battling.

The end.

And we were like, "Now! Now can we summon Muma instead of the stupid Gold Dragon and actually save Jacob!?" So we went to Ludwig's ending to see if maybe the Demon Lord would not drink the poisoned wine this time. But then we realized that that save point was from after we killed Wotan in that storyline, so we had to start all over again anyway. Oh well, might as well get started, even though we have to wake up early tomorrow and it's getting close to bedtime. We'll just turn it off as soon as the game stops letting us skip scenes (because that means we're at something new).

So off we go, skippity skip, and then! when Wilhelm sits Henrietta down to read a bedtime story, suddenly, the game stops letting us skip! And Henrietta's saying, "I've heard this story before!" And we're like, "What!?" And Wilhelm says, "Really?" And we're like, "Really! Oh my goodness, are you kidding me? Really! Really!! We only heard it like a twelve hundred thousand times by now! REALLY!!!" But we only said, "Yes, really!"

And then! then! Wilhelm says something like, "I see, then you remember everything. In that case, he's the happy dream you've been wanting to see all this time." (I'm paraphrasing, but I'm not adding stuff; even the game developers were well aware that we'd be more than eager to see that happy ending by now.)

And then the chapter ended! And we're like, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" There were only twenty minutes before bedtime, and that was based on the delusion that even though we'd be waking up almost two hours earlier than normal, we could just go to bed at the same time as always. And so we reluctantly turned the game off. And today we may or may not have time to finally get the happy ending.

Today I'm thankful for the office calling to let us know about the pile of packages we had building up (all Negima! and Negima!? neo comp copies), the "who to follow" menu on Twitter, getting a paycheck on Saturday, making better progress on translating today than expected, and Page hanging out with us all day while mostly staying off the keyboard.
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