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Thanks, Oreo-sensei!

Oreo did something slightly unusual yesterday. We had a surprise visit from Barbie and another member of the Relief Society presidency. They had come over because some members of our ward who stopped coming to church live in our same apartment complex (according to the church records), and they wanted to visit them, but they wouldn't answer their door, so Barbie and company came to ask us if we knew anything. We did--the name on the mailbox changed a long time ago, so we don't think they live in that unit anymore, and the person who does live there doesn't answer the door. (We accidentally got a package for her one time and tried to give it to her, but she wouldn't answer the door.)

But anyway. The strange thing was that when we opened the door to let them in, Oreo didn't immediately hide in the bedroom. Not only that, but when Barbie reached out to try to pet him, he still didn't run away! (He wouldn't let her pet him, but he didn't run away.) The best theory we can come up with for why this might be the case is that Oreo has been to the vet's office a lot over the past year, so maybe that's gotten him more used to seeing strangers. Or maybe it's because we haven't had home teachers over--we've only had girls over, and Oreo seems much less threatened by women.

But assuming it's the first theory, that taught us an important lesson (which is really very obvious). When you do things you're scared of, they become less scary. Not only that, but if our theory is correct, that also means that doing things you're really scared of makes you less scared of other things you might not be as scared of. For example, going to the vet would be a lot scarier than having a visitor.

This was an important realization to make, because we got another call from the agent this morning. Still nothing final, just an update. The main point is that if the client chooses to work with this agency on this project, then we will definitely be the ones working on it! Yay! The agent also said that he thinks it's very important for us to go to Japan (oh right; I didn't mention last time that that's where we'd need to temporarily relocate to).

At first, because this whole thing is a little too exciting to process and I wasn't thinking clearly, I assumed this meant that if they get the project, we'd definitely be going to Japan (which it still might). But it might also just mean that whatever happens, it would be a good idea to go to Japan at some point in the future. At any rate, right now we're reminding ourselves that it's important to do scary things sometimes. And also reminding ourselves of DisneySea, because we like it there, and it makes the idea of suddenly living in Japan that much less scary.

Today I'm thankful for important lessons from kitties, remembering to turn the air conditioning on, finishing all those brownies before they turned into rocks, getting to watch the an episode of Psych that we missed with Video on Demand last night (I think Psych is our current comfort food), and having extra time today to hopefully finish up Labyrinth of Grimm.
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