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Just some minor ramblings

Finally got more Eyeshield 21!  That show makes me happy, despite the whole football thing.  They even realize that football is evil, because the team captain has a little book called the "akuma techou (devil's notebook)" that he uses to blackmail people, and he got Sena to run faster by setting his little man-eating dog Cerberus after him.  And we just finished downloading the latest episode of Gundam Seed Destiny! 

And!  Tonight is the episode of Justice League: Unlimited that everyone was saying was so cool that we couldn't watch because we didn't have cable yet.  But now!  Now we can watch it!

And our computer loves us and is choosing Gundam Seed songs.  We love you too, Computer!  We haven't named it.  I have a feeling it knows its name, and I don't want to get it wrong.  Especially because what if we name it after a character and then it decides it doesn't like us because we gave it the wrong name and then decides to take on all the negative traits of that character?  I'm sure it could do that, even if we named it Daisuke.

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