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This has turned into kind of a Higurashi week for us. We started work on the new Higurashi arc that just got announced, and then we found out that they need us to start the Eye Opening arc. I was thinking about it, and I was like, "Wow, Higurashi with Keiichi in it. We haven't worked on a Higurashi arc with Keiichi in forever!" The last arc we worked on was kind of a sequel thing that took place twenty years later, and the one before that was the prequel one with Akasaka and Rika. And that's not counting the new one we started, which is a side story that doesn't even take place near Hinamizawa.

And that probably doesn't make any sense to most of the people on our friends list. Let's change the subject. I'm a little worried about Page's health. It's nothing serious, just that we keep accidentally making her crash into things. The other night, I lay down on the couch in the spare bedroom, and she raced in to hang out with me. I think she tends to charge ahead without really looking, and she was going to jump onto the arm of the couch, but she didn't realize my leg was there... and she crashed into it and fell onto the floor.

Then this morning, Athena saw that Page had come in off the balcony, so she went to close the door. It's always kind of a battle with Athena and Page. Athena wants the door closed to keep the hot air from outside out, and Page wants the door open so she can go outside if she decides it's not too hot. Anyway, Athena saw a chance to close the door. But Page saw what Athena was up to and dashed back to the balcony to keep the door open! ...but she was a little too late and crashed into the door instead. We're just glad she didn't end up closing the door on the poor kitty.

All the while, Oreo has been usurping Page's favorite places. Or positioning himself just so Page is too intimidated to get into her favorite place. We like to think that what's really going on is that Page and Oreo are taking turns in their favorite places, but since we don't speak Cat, it's hard to say for sure.

Today I'm thankful for Page not getting severely injured, having pretzel-crackers to snack on, getting to watch Psych last night, having a nice visit with Barbie and another member of the RS presidency (Barbie told us she tried to call yesterday, but the phone kept ringing and ringing; we never heard it! but she was probably calling to cancel or something, because she apologized instead of getting mad at us for not answering), and having a brief respite from pesky telemarketers yesterday (we really should check to make sure the phone's ringer is on its loudest setting...).
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