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Calming down

We both woke up this morning very, very nervous. We were afraid to check our e-mail, because it might contain something that changed our very destiny!!! *pause for dramatic effect*

But when we finally did, the only thing from the agent we've been talking to was just a little clarification question. When we responded to that, he said he might have an answer from the company by the end of the week, and probably before the 21st. That was kind of a relief, because it means we don't have to face the music for a little while at least. Now we have time to warm ourselves up to the idea. At this point, we're really hoping for no relocation, even though intellectually, we're well aware that relocation would probably be super awesome.

This morning I also called Mom to let her know what was going on, and she only contributed to the anxiety, as expected. But that's okay. For now we will think about other things.

We may or may not be heading to Barbie's place tonight for makeover type things. We're hoping it gets called off, partially because we're stressed out enough without having to worry about what we look like. We usually don't worry too much about that (now I'm hoping that people who have seen pictures are not thinking, "Yeah, I can tell!").

Anyway, Barbie asked a girl in the ward if she would cut our hair for free. Nothing really exciting--there's no way we'd let anyone give either of us a radical new haircut. Mostly we just need to get rid of a bunch of split-ends, and Barbie wants to layer it. She assures us it will still be long, which is the only reason we're even considering it. But then she wants to show us how to put on makeup, and while that is a skill we'd like to learn for cosplay purposes, the idea of having to constantly touch up my face everywhere I go is a little less than appealing.

But it would be nice to hang out with friends, so we're not just going to flake out. We're hoping that when the girl who agreed to do the haircuts said, "I'll be back in town next week!" she meant that she's out of town today. Oh well; we'll see what happens.

Today I'm thankful for getting time to collect ourselves, the stress calming down enough that we can eat sugar again (and hopefully take care of some of those brownies), remembering that we can get quarters with nickels and dimes just as well as we can with dollar bills, having quarters to do laundry with, and practical shoes.
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