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So we were totally expecting to have a nice, ordinary day translating manga about psychopaths dismembering people. We were also kind of planning to finish work early today. But we experienced a significant drop in productivity when we got a phone call at about 11:45.

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure how much of this is okay for me to talk about, so I don't want to go into too many details, but basically we've been in touch with an agent who is trying to help us get work for a certain company. And we reeeeeeeally want to work for them. This all started about last January, and we had to take a few tests that we didn't do so well on. So if some of you were wondering about our unreasonable decrease in self-confidence a few months ago, that was a big part of it.

Anyway, we made a really good impression on the agent, so he's still been working to open the door enough for us to get a foot in. And he called this morning.

There's nothing to get too excited about yet--it's all just in the realm of possibility right now. But there are three potential outcomes. First, they still won't want us, and we (slightly sadly) go on with our lives as normal (and maybe end up moving closer to Disneyland, so we can get fun part-time work to help us make ends meet; hm, I guess that's not so normal, but anyway). Second, they hire us for something awesome. Third, they hire us for something super awesome, but also terrifying, because it would involve temporary relocation.

And all of that had us more than a little distracted at work today. And now we're going to go hide for a little bit, until we're more calm.

Today I'm thankful for friendly agents who want to help us, getting that Higurashi first draft done despite distractions, getting the Frog Prince's sad ending, finding another new scene in Labyrinth of Grimm that will potentially lead to another ending, and the cooler weather forecast. Right, and this awesome potential opportunity, of course!
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