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I think this counts as ironic.

We were so excited today, because our ride to choir practice showed up! Yay! She told us a little about her adventures at Comic Con. She was wise enough to stay away from Hall H, but her friend ended up waiting outside for a loooooong time because of the infamous stabbing. But anyway, she found herself waiting for a panel in the same room as the Quick Draw! panel, and she said it was super fun like we told her it would be.

And right after the Quick Draw! panel was a Cartoon Voices panel that had Jason Marsden, and we were jealous. We were especially jealous when she told us at that at one point during the panel, he went into his Max (A Goofy Movie, etc.) voice and started going, "Dad? Dad, where are you? Why are you sitting all the way in the back, Dad?" And then Bill Farmer came up and they did a whole bit as Max and Goofy! Oh man, I wish we'd been there! Our friend said she videotaped it and is planning to put it up on YouTube. It's probably there already, come to think of it. If only we weren't so afraid of YouTube (hmm, probably less afraid and more exasperated), we probably could find it no problem.

Anyway. We went to choir practice, and it was the last choir practice with our then-current director! Oh no! We don't know who the new choir director will be, either because they haven't called one yet or because we missed ward business last week when they called someone. We don't know, because we missed ward business last week. But they didn't talk to anybody like they would be the new director at choir practice today, so we're guessing there probably isn't one yet.

Then for some reason we completely ran out of patience around the time sacrament meeting ended. We think it might have had something to do with the air conditioning being on so high, and us being in slightly shorter-than-we're-used-to dresses. And here the AC had been tolerable the last several weeks. So even though we were excited to go to church today, we were also pretty eager to get home (though we did have some good lessons in the second and third hours).

But then! It was the most frustrating thing ever! We didn't have choir practice to go to, but our regular ride home from church was nowhere to be found! So even though the thing that prevented us from getting rides home so many times in the past was no longer an issue, we still didn't have a ride home! Oooohhhhhh noooooooooo!!!

So we wandered around the building in the hope of finding some kind soul to take mercy on us. But we were also being a little shy and not wanting to ask. Still, we wanted to get home, so after one lap around the building, we decided to be more bold. And there was Sister H, who has driven us home many a time when we were at a loss! ...but she was talking to someone else, who seemed to be demanding her full attention. So we kept walking, and there was Barbie! She was with the Relief Society president, and they both commented on our new dresses.

Athena had managed to get one of the tie-thingies in the back stuck in a couch when we sat down for a couple of minutes, and her hands were full, so she couldn't retie it. She explained that to Barbie, and, since she was already talking, she was about to ask for a ride home when suddenly an elderly women fell down and we all rushed to help her up! By the time she was safely in a chair, Barbie and RS President were busy discussing other things and we missed our chance.

That seemed like a very strange coincidence, and we thought we might be doomed to stay at church for another two, two and a half hours! (Perhaps "doomed" is a bit strong of a word, but I can't think of a more appropriate one right now.) And just as we were about to have a nervous breakdown, a woman from Mom's ward found us and said hello. She asked us how we were, and so we explained our plight, and it just so happened that she always drives her mother home right after sacrament meeting (which had just ended for their ward). And so we finally managed to get home.

And then we got to read about Masaya Onosaka's adventures in Germany, and how he would take pictures of cosplayers, and he would say something to, for example, some Prince of Tennis cosplayers like, "I'm Momo-chan!" and they'd ignore him. That made us a little sad. And jealous of those cosplayers, my goodness.

Today I'm thankful for getting a ride to choir practice, getting to hear about the Cartoon Voices panel, getting a ride home from church, the adorable baby giraffe in the August photo of our calendar, and the also very cute mommy giraffe nuzzling its neck.
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