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My goodness, the adventures we've been having lately. First our air conditioner randomly shuts down on Saturday, and then our toilet tank pops. Well, I guess it didn't really pop, but we suddenly heard a popping sound from the bathroom, and then "dripdripdripdripdrip..." When we went to check it out, the was a big crack running all the way down the toilet tank. The maintenance guys just showed up a few minutes ago. They looked at it, said, "We'll be back," and left.

In the meantime, Maid-sama! is proving to be as trying as always. Editing scripts does tend to start out slow, but today we only got one twentieth of the way through in the first hour of work! ...Maybe it was only fifty minutes, but still! Our worst before has been one-tenth. Fortunately, speed has picked up, but we're still not much more than halfway through the script after a whole day of work. Well, a whole day minus some time for an unexpected phone call.

Anyway, I should probably review Jacob's storyline before I forget all about it. It might already be too late! We got his ending all the way on... Thursday? Wow.

Let's see... Okay, so we got to the inn after Henrietta learns she's the Maiden of Paradise, and Henrietta starts thinking about Jacob, and then she has that dream with all the scary versions of the fairy tales, and then she hears Jacob's voice telling her to go to the Demon Lord's castle, steal the key from him (Jacob), and summon the gold dragon to defeat the Demon Lord.

She goes all by herself! Gasp! And she runs into Wilhelm, who's like, "What are you doing here!?" He explains the whole thing about Jacob being possessed, and then there's the whole plan with maybe if he sees her he'll turn back to normal blah blah blah. So she's following Wilhelm around the castle, but she gets lost and runs into Jacob! But it's not really Jacob, it's the Demon Lord! Oh no! So he's all evil and stuff, and, like a typical shojo manga villain, he knocks her down and starts trying to kiss her! But then! Jacob takes control and is all like, "Don't you touch my sister!" (They're cousins, but whatever.)

Then Wilhelm shows up... and something happens... and they get away, and Wilhelm takes Henrietta to a room, where he tells her to wait while he goes to get the rest of the party so they can all kill Jacob. Henrietta's pretty upset about the whole thing, to the point where she starts scratching her neck in attempt to kill herself. We were like, "I guess the game developers are Higurashi fans," and also, "Whoa, chica, calm down!"

But after Wilhelm leaves, she regains some sanity and decides to go talk to Jacob. She finally finds him in a secret chamber under the throne room, and manages to convince the Demon Lord enough not to kill her on the spot. He even lets her see Jacob one last time! Awww! I'm sure there was a touching conversation, but I can't remember it. Eheh. But then Wilhelm comes back and it's time for the final battle!

So they all start attacking, and Henrietta's like, "No! I can't let you kill Jacob!" And she actually starts fighting on his side! That was pretty intense. And Ludwig's like, "Dude, I know how you feel, but we kind of have to kill him right now!" and Henrietta's like, "I don't care!!" and Ludwig's like, "Fine, if you won't stop, I'll make you!" So he used his magic to make a birdcage, but she summoned Salamander to burn it up, and then the fire caused a chandelier to fall on top of her!

...or so we thought! The real Jacob managed to take control just long enough to protect her! And he takes his spear and stabs himself with it! And then he's like, "I'm going to die either way, so just summon the gold dragon and defeat the Demon Lord. Please?" So she finally does, and the the Demon Lord starts destroying the castle and everyone has to run away! But Henrietta refuses to leave Jacob's side! Oh no!

And it was so sweet, because she held his hand and they just waited while the whole castle crumbled around them.

Then Henrietta wakes up to a flashback from when she and Ludwig fought over a sky blue crayon, and she ran away from home. But Jacob found her and convinced her to come back, and before they went inside, she said, "We'll always be together, right?" And he was like, "Yes, even if I'm not physically with you, we'll always be together. And I want you to promise me that you'll never, ever give up hope, no matter what happens." The narration mentioned how he seemed to know something was going to happen.

She promises and goes to hug him and then! she wakes up to find herself traveling with Ludwig... and Wilhelm and Jacob! They're helping Jacob with his dream of traveling the country collecting fairy tales! What!? And they're all happy and teasing Ludwig because he's such an easy target.

The scene changes to Ludwig still searching through rubble. Wilhelm is like, "You have to stop! You're killing yourself!" and Ludwig's like, "I can't stop! They're under there, I know it!!" And they're all angsty and it's so intense. And then a feather from Brunhilde's hair falls down and shows Ludwig where to dig. He finds Jacob and Henrietta under the rubble, and after a while, Henrietta opens her eyes. Jacob, unfortunately, is dead. But Henrietta doesn't cry, because she promised not to give up hope.

The end.

As I was typing that up, a whole maintenance team came, worked for a while, and left, but the light is still on in the bathroom, and they didn't tell us they were done. There's an un-cracked toilet tank in the hall, Athena reports. We're just very glad they're working on it.

Today I'm thankful for fast-acting maintenance teams, being done with the magical girl chapter of Maid-sama! (it involved looking up a lot of stuff that's actually mostly just nonsense, but sort of based on real words...), being very very close to finishing Labyrinth of Grimm, that exclamation from the maintenance guy being one of triumph and not pain, and remembering to turn the ceiling fan on.
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