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Today has not been a good day for working on Maid-sama. I think our desire to concentrate on it took a sever hit when there was this paper that had like a million signatures on it. That probably wouldn't... okay, so it probably would have been a problem anyway, but this particular paper wasn't meant to have nearly that many signatures, which means they were all squished on there and... it was just bad.

Oh, also, our CD-ROM seems to be broken. It doesn't play our CDs anymore. So things have been a little unusual in that our music is coming from a different source, and we're still adapting. That might also have something to do with it. Or maybe today was just a bad day for concentration anyway, because we forgot to take the butter out of the fridge to soften so we could make grilled cheese sandwiches, and that meant Cheez-Its for lunch. Maybe it's because it's Monday; I don't know.

Anyway. After lunch, something happened that completely threw us for a loop. There was a knock at the door! Gasp! It was one of our neighbors to let us know that oh hey, there's a bunch of groceries sitting outside your apartment. My first thought was, "Why did somebody leave their groceries in front of our apartment? Aw man! and there's milk! Now we have to take them inside." The idea that the groceries might have been for us did flicker across my mind, but it didn't make a whole lot of sense, because we didn't really need them.

Still, the presence of a giant bag of cat food and giant bag of kitty litter indicated that someone had, in fact, bought these groceries especially for us. Now, we have several entries from 2006 that will prove that we're not too proud to accept handouts, and we are grateful (there's Nesquik and Hawaiian sweet bread!), but we're just so incredibly baffled by the whole thing that's it's a little hard to take.

We also feel a little bad because the kitty litter isn't our brand, so we can't really use it, and now we have a whole bunch of ramen that we'll probably never eat. Sometimes I think about ramen and think I might like to have some, but then I remember the last time I tried to have ramen and I think that that's probably not a great idea. Ah well, now that it's here we might try it again. There's also some strawberry-flavored apple sauce that's very intriguing, though we had a difficult time the last time we attempted eating apple sauce.

Anyway, I think part of the reason I can't just calm down and accept the food is that one thing I really hate is for people to have the wrong idea. I'm still miffed at the idea that the choir director might think we missed choir practice because we forgot about the time change (we don't know if she thinks that, though). So while we have no problem letting the anonymous benefactor remain anonymous, we can't help but try to figure out who it is because we want to know why. And just how dire of a situation do they think we're in?

We actually were in a pretty dire situation a few months ago, but we've been recovering, thankfully. There are a few people we told that our employment situation is kind of dicey, but I thought we always said, "But we're okay for now." It's just so bizarre! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!

And it's true that we called Mom just this morning to ask if she'd take us to the grocery store. Unfortunately, it doesn't really save us a trip, because the main thing we need is wet cat food, and that wasn't included in the anonymous gift, alas. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for people being kind enough to give us food, having Hawaiian sweet bread, having Nesquik, the milk not being skim, the maintenance guy coming to retrieve the fans so we don't have to carry them to the office, and being done working for today.
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