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I'm late! I'm late!

It's so weird; we've been home from church for about an hour and it's only three-thirty. But it was not easy getting to church today, my goodness.

See, the ward choir used to always practice in the chapel, because it was right after church another ward was meeting at the same time was using every other room in the building. Or every other room with a piano, at least. But as of today, they started having a "special class," and, since the only available room was the chapel, we got booted out! Gasp!

So, since apparently nobody else in the choir has any time in their schedule on a weekday to go to choir practice, it was decided that we would have practice right before church instead. This is very annoying because now we have to wake up an hour earlier on Sundays. But it's good, too, because while we've had a very difficult time getting rides home from choir practice, we've never had trouble getting rides to early choir practice (the choir would always have an extra rehearsal right before a sacrament meeting we were performing during). And in fact, last week, the girl who usually drives us to early choir practice (we'll call her Beverly) and the choir director (who happens to be her roommate) both assured us that we would have a ride to choir practice.

So last night we called our regular ride to church (we'll call her Yvonne) and let her know that we probably wouldn't need a ride to church. But! we had foresight and remembered that Beverly went to ComiCon and might not be around this morning, so in the voice mail, I said we might call Yvonne again at ten-thirty Sunday morning if we ended up needing a ride after all.

I think you can all probably see where this is going. Beverly never showed up, so I called Yvonne and left a voice mail. But then eleven o'clock (when church starts) came and there was still no sign of Yvonne! Well, maybe we would be around when the AC guy showed up after all. But we figured we ought to try to get to church anyway, so I called Mom to see if she could drive us or if we could go to her ward or something, and while I was on the phone with her, Yvonne showed up! Yay!

She had gotten to church and noticed our absence. So she was like, "Let me check my phone..." but she had forgotten her phone! Oh no!!! So she dashed to her car and came straight to our apartment to pick us up! And we made it just in time for the sacrament. But I feel a little bad, because she dropped us off at the door and went to park the car, and took just barely too long getting inside and missed the sacrament herself, after being so awesome as to come get us.

We stayed in the foyer for that whole hour because we didn't want to go search for seats in the chapel after coming in late, and because now that we were late, they already had a substitute chorister, and we weren't quite sure how to deal with that (switching places mid-meeting would have been a little disruptive), so we chose not to.

But the interesting thing about it all is that Athena dreamed it would happen! It was a couple of days ago, and she dreamed that we got to church late, and so she wasn't sure if she should switch with the substitute chorister or not, but she was upset about not conducting "Carry On." And it all happened! Except that the substitute chorister was not the same person in her dream as it was in real life. And in her dream we were in the chapel.

Later, in Relief Society, we had a lesson on patience. It was based on this talk by President Uchtdorf that starts out telling about an experiment a professor had where he gave four-year-old children a big marshmallow and said they could eat it if they wanted, but if they could wait fifteen minutes, they could have a second marshmallow! So the teacher (who happened to be the Elders' Quorum president, because for some mysterious reason he and the RS president thought it would be cool to switch places and teach each others' quorum/society) brought Hershey's kisses, and we each got one, with the promise that if we waited until the end of the lesson without eating it, we could get more. And then, since he was trying to get rid of them, Athena and I each got a bunch more! Yay! (But the important thing really is the talk, so go read it, because it's awesome!)

And then! we got home and our air conditioner was all fixed! Yay! So while today started off rocky, it's turned out to be pretty good.

Today I'm thankful for Yvonne coming to pick us up, getting to church in time to take the sacrament, President Uchtdorf's awesome talk on patience, having our air conditioner fixed, and living in a dry hot place (as opposed to a humid hot place; we're hearing Virginia is just as hot as it is here, and we know it's a heck of a lot wetter).
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