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Good times

Whew, we just got home from a long day of stuff, and we're eager to get to do some of our fun at-home stuff to do!

Today was Leia's birthday (isn't it also lyschan's birthday? Happy birthday, lys!), so she invited us and a couple of other people over to her parents' house to go swimming. We're usually not really into swimming, but we're always up for hanging out with people, especially people we like, and if they happen to be in a swimming pool, we'll just hang out nearby. It's an unusual experience for us, hanging out with Leia and her friends, because we can start talking about Fushigi Yuugi and everyone will know exactly what we're talking about.

Unfortunately, all of Leia's friends (especially us) were lame and didn't bring her presents, but that was okay! Because one of her friends had brought this thing called a Magic Wrap, which is basically a couple of large pieces of fabric sewn to a waistband-like strap, and it can be styled and arranged in all kinds of ways, so it's like ten different outfits in one garment! Wow! So Leia got to dress her friend up in it so she could figure out how to make all the different outfits, and that made her especially happy because she got one on her honeymoon but didn't realize all the different things she could do with it. That was when we discovered that in high school, Leia used to use all her friends as her Barbie dolls.

And while Leia played with her Barbie, we all got to talk about fun stuff like Halloween costumes and Renaissance costumes and... we just like talking about costumes, apparently. We were a little sad when it was time for us all to part ways, but we did decide that we needed to get together for a big Kingdom Hearts/anime sleepover party thing. It will be epic.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have good times with friends, the yummy food that Leia's sister and brother-in-law provided, being home in time to do more fun stuff, having plans for more good times with friends tomorrow, and Yen Press announcing the new Higurashi thing we're working on. That will make it easier to explain why we're not going straight from Maid-sama! to Happy Cafe.
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