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Haunted Mansion movie!

Today at Comic Con they announced they're making a new Haunted Mansion movie! We think this is good news, because we always wanted them to redo that one. We're sure there's a ton of cool stuff they could do with a Haunted Mansion movie.

All we know for sure about this new one is that they got the director of Pan's Labyrinth, it's going to be scarier than the other Haunted Mansion movie, and it's going to have a lot of the hatbox ghost. We don't quite understand why everyone is so excited about the hatbox ghost (we're not even completely sure which ghost it is; we think it's the one that pops out of the hatboxes in the attic...?), but as long as it's a good movie, it's all good. We're really hoping for more of the Ghost Host. Seriously, where was he in the other one? He's only like the main character of the attraction.

Aaaand that's all. Oh wait, I think there was something about Sekaichi... We decided to each read through each volume before translating them. We're not sure if that helps make better translations, but we thought it might make things less troublesome as far as cryptic foreshadowing dialogue. But the only reason I bring it up is that apparently Saki is in the CD drama that we tried to order from CD Japan but they said we couldn't get it. (We have the other one.) Leaving out all those modifiers, Saki is in the second CD drama!

The main reason this is exciting is that it means more pretty voices to listen to. It was kind of weird, though, because there was a time when we were translating a volume with Saki, and he was acting just like this character in Haruka 4, which we also happened to be playing at the time, so we were like, "Wow, that voice actor would make such a good Saki!" And even when we were reading the parts with Saki, that was the voice that automatically popped into our heads.

But! that actor happens to already be the voice of Maki. Eheh. Wow, Maki wouldn't be too happy about that. At least, he wouldn't have been back in the volumes we were translating when we thought that, that's for sure. But I'm not going to say who it is, because Athena hasn't gotten to the sidebar where Hidaka-sensei mentions it, and we want it to be a surprise.

Okay, now that's all. Today I'm thankful for news of a new Haunted Mansion movie (which we probably wouldn't have heard about until after Comic Con if we had gone to Comic Con, because they announced it in our arch-nemesis--the dreaded Hall H! But maybe we would have found out anyway, depending on what kind of merchandise was floating around), getting invited to Leia's birthday celebration tomorrow, getting glue in a treasure hunt at Square-Enix Members (you need it for everything!), being mostly done translating that annoying page with all the election posters, and finishing at the computer sooner than expected.
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