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We finally got Oreo to his comprehensive exam today! Yaaaaay!!! And I felt so bad leaving him at the vet all day. They even called at about one o'clock to let us know they were done, but transportation was such that we had to wait until after three. Poor kitty, stuck at the vet for two hours. Man, I would have been so bored.

As for his health report, he's doing very well! He's even at the ideal weight now! He used to always be slightly overweight. But, as usual, his teeth need to be cleaned. Everything else on the checklist said he was doing great in those areas, so if only his teeth were clean, they would have marked his health as excellent instead of just good. Ah well. We're not sure upgrading his plan to cover dental is something we can afford right now. Maybe we should see if we can find cat teeth-cleaning products like in Chi's Sweet Home.

While Oreo was getting examined and stuff, Page was being her usual nuisance of a self. But this time she learned the hard way that lying down on the keyboard is a dangerous risk. She miscalculated where the edge of the desk was and slipped off, taking the keyboard with her! She seems unharmed, but she's been staying away from the keyboard ever since. I wonder if it will stick this time.

When we picked Oreo up from the vet, we noticed a magnetic white board that said "Photo Contest" on it! We're thinking about entering. If only they had a "most mischievous" category. Then we could definitely enter a picture of Page on the keyboard. Right now I'm entertaining the idea of entering a photo of Oreo with the PS3 controller in "most playful." Bwahaha.

Anyway, since we brought Oreo back, he's been meowing at us like crazy, so I think it's time to stop neglecting him in favor of the computer and go spend some quality time with him.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to drive us to the vet twice today, finally getting Oreo's comprehensive exam taken care of, Oreo being in good health, Page not getting hurt in the keyboard incident, and the yummy chocolate Mom got us on the way to the vet the second time.
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