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Poor Page had to learn the hard way that we weren't going to let her sit on the keyboard when we were trying to work today. She showed up and immediately hopped on the keyboard. So we immediately took her off the keyboard and put her somewhere else. And she immediately went right back to the keyboard. We repeated the process a few times, until Athena decided to take drastic measures and flick some water on to her. She did not like that one bit, and she looked at us all hurt, like, "How could you do that to me?" And I felt really bad, but she stayed off the keyboard until we were done working!

And then she came back when we were playing around at Square-Enix members. The keyboard isn't entirely necessary for that, so we let her stay until she got bored. Maybe her keyboard curiosity has been satisfied and she won't do it again? ...I'll just keep dreaming.

Anyway. We turned in our Gakuen Alice translation just in time to get a package with our next two TokyoPop projects! Next is Maid-sama! 8, and we opened it up to page one and were immediately overcome with fatigue. I still like to entertain a hope that that's just because there were so many people on the cover, and it is in no way a reflection of the main content, but really the key to staying sane while translating Maid-sama! is to come to terms with the fact that it's going to take forever, and not worry too much when it does just that.

Also, the picture in the cover flap has very nice colors, and features the Three Idiots (we like that name better than the Idiot Trio) looking like normal people! Whoa! It's their dream come true! They even get to be in a colored illustration!

After that, our next TokyoPop project is Happy Cafe 7! And I just wanted to mention it because the cover is absolutely adorable♥♥♥

Changing the subject, we got Wilhelm's ending last night! So far two out of two Grimm brothers' stories have enjoyed psyching us out. Let's see, where did we leave off...

Right, Jacob was back. And he brought Henrietta a present! It was all her friends, and they had just enough energy left to say, "He's a monster... *dead*" Okay, so they weren't dead but they were really close. And Jacob's like, "And I have another surprise! Tadah! It's Ludwig! He's my new minion now! I don't need you anymore, Wilhelm. I like Ludwig, because he's so much easier to control." It was a slight relief to learn that Ludwig wasn't evil this time--just trying to protect his friends, who of course Jacob was threatening to kill.

So Wilhelm and Henrietta figured their plan to show Henrietta to Jacob and bring him back to normal wasn't going to work, and Wilhelm was like, "So, um... how about you and I go far, far away, for a long, long time, and we can think about how to save everybody. For a long, long time." He didn't really emphasize it that much, but it was still like, "Um, hi? They're kind of dying right now. If we're gone too long, there's no telling what will become of them!"

But Henrietta didn't have any time to respond, because Jacob was like, "Ha! I see right through you, Wilhelm! You've always wanted to keep Henrietta all to yourself, and now you're relieved that I've gotten your brothers out of the way!" And we were like, "Uh... That's your deep dark secret? Well, whatever." It's true that he tried to leave both of his brothers, practically to die, so he could be with Henrietta, so that's really bad, but we'd seen the Demon Lord kill everybody a million times, so the idea of retreating for the time being didn't seem like such a selfish thought. Just the long, long time part.

Anyway, so Wotan's all like, "*kill!*" and Henrietta's like, "No! I don't care if you have that deep, dark secret! You're still the kind Wilhelm I always knew! And besides, I always wondered if there was ever anything you wanted for yourself, instead of always doing stuff for everybody else." And Wilhelm's like, "Oh, Henrietta! You believe in me!" or something and the Demon Lord's like, "Yeah, you're all stupid; I'm gonna destroy the humans because they forgot about the gods who gave them so many blessings!" And Henrietta and Wilhelm are like, "No, you need to give us a chance! Believe in humans!" And Wotan was like, "You know what? I'll just start the destruction with you guys." And he charges at Wilhelm! Oooohhhhhh noooooooo!!!

And then he's like, "Why didn't you dodge?" because he couldn't actually kill him! Awwwwww!!!! And Wilhelm was like, "Because I wanted to believe that you couldn't kill me." Awwwww!! And then Wilhelm's saccharine speech made Wotan really mad, which gave Jacob a chance to come out and say, "You know, he's really mad. You're going to have to kill me before he kills you and the rest of the world." And Henrietta's like, "Noooooo!!!" And Wilhelm's like, "I wanted to save you both!! I wanted to save the butterfly and the spider you and Wotan!!" And Jacob said something about how sorry, you can't do that, but I want you to live for me and all that stuff. And then he gives them the last key, which apparently Henrietta can only get with the permission of the owner, except for the fact that Wilhelm stole it from him in every other story except Ludwig's. Whatever.

So Henrietta summons the gold dragon, and this time it was kind of cool, because she was too distraught to order the dragon to finish Jacob off on her own, so she and Wilhelm did the chant together. And then they escaped the castle, and when they get far, far away, the Frog Prince is like, "Okay, so I know he's your brother and all, but can we really trust him?" And we were like, "He's still a frog!" And Henrietta's like, "You can totally trust him!" And the Frog Prince was like, "I don't know..." And we're like, "Why is he still a frog!? (He's supposed to change back when the person who turned him into one dies!)" And Ludwig's like, "No seriously, you can trust him." And the Frog Prince is like, "I guess so..." and we're like, "But he's still a frog!!!!" And then it's like *poof*! he's a prince! And then we're like, "...Oh."

That was actually a little disappointing. Why do I keep wanting characters to turn out to be evil? Something is wrong with that. But at any rate, we're glad Wilhelm turned out to just be too nice for his own good (which is the real reason he thought he was such a bad person for wanting to keep Henrietta to himself), because that personality type (the one where the person constantly gives up what they want for the sake of others) has a nasty habit of holding it against people and keeping it in and letting it seethe and simmer until eventually it explodes and they turn into a very bitter, angry person. But in Wilhelm's case it seems like he genuinely cares more about the other people than about himself. What a nice guy!

Anyway, the island started to sink, and everyone escaped onto a ship except for Henrietta and Wilhelm, who were almost at the top of the gangplank when Henrietta got knocked off by a wave. Wilhelm dove in after her (and her magic book, which she dropped into the ocean, which is why she didn't make it onto the ship), and they were both stranded on the island, which would have been cute because they kept talking about being stranded on an island together, except that the island was sinking, and they were going to die. Wilhelm was pretty calm about the whole thing, because he figured he was destined to die at this time (y'know, like how he died with Jacob in every other storyline). There was a really sweet scene after the island sank, where they were treading water together, and Wilhelm asked Henrietta to stop calling him -niisan, and he was like, "Let's just go sleep and dream about each other's futures... forever..." And then Henrietta got swallowed by a wave and everything went black.

The end.

Psych! The witch saved them, because she was madly in love with Wilhelm and when she pulled him out of the ocean, he wouldn't let go of Henrietta. So they were living on a hill by the ocean, and they invited the witch and company plus Ludwig over for tea, and the witch decided she was in love with Ludwig now that Wilhelm was taken. Ludwig is so cute, using teineigo while still being very upset with the witch. He told them all he was going to join Hameln and Red and keep traveling and stuff, and they talked about how Sleeping Beauty was forcing all the princes in the land to come to her kingdom, and Ludwig was like, "I can't believe Rapunzel's helping with that," and we were like, "We can't believe she wouldn't," and Henrietta was like, "She likes playing Cupid."

Then Ludwig gave Henrietta a letter from the Frog Prince, asking Henrietta to come marry him. And Ludwig was all like, "Why not? It would be your dream come true! You always wanted to be a princess in a fairy tale!" And Henrietta's like, "Ummm..." and Wilhelm's like, "No! She can't go marry him because she's going to marry me!" And Henrietta was like, "!!!!" And Ludwig said under his breath, "I guess that'll make Rapunzel happy. I can't believe they fell for it."

And then everyone left, and Wilhelm set up a tea party for just him and Henrietta, and she was like, "Were you serious about that earlier?" and he was like, "You couldn't tell? That was my proposal." And then he proposed properly, and she gave him a cute flower crown, and it was all like, "Awwwww!!"

The End.

Today I'm thankful for shiny manga to translate, the adorable cover to Happy Cafe 7 (and the title page picture behind it, bwahaha), getting another cute ending in Labyrinth of Grimm, being all set to Jacob's story without having to start aaaaalllllll the way at the beginning, and it not being too hot when we walked to the store today.
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