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I think I had some kind of introductory sentence for this entry in my head at some point, but I've forgotten it. It probably had something to do with Gakuen Alice... I think...

Anyway, we've just about finished our proofread, but we were going just barely too slow to finish it today, and that means we'll finish it early tomorrow and have lots of free time! Of course, we could use that free time to get to work on our next project, but first of all, we don't like starting official work in the middle of the day, and second of all, this gives us the perfect excuse to work on something non-official! Like Sekaichi or Ascribe to Heaven or the translation contest!

It also gives us time to brave the sweltering heat and pick up some things from Fresh & Easy. We weren't quite as terrified of that prospect when they were predicting that we'd be back down to the high nineties as of tomorrow, but they've changed the forecast and now they're saying tomorrow and just about all of this week will have a high of 100 degrees. At least it's only a hundred and not any more. And maybe one day this week won't actually get up that high! Hopefully that day will be tomorrow, because that's when we need to go to the store. We're almost out of milk.

Changing the subject, Wilhelm's storyline is pretty fascinating. Even though we're much better at getting Jacob to like Henrietta than getting Wilhelm to like her, we decided to go for Wilhelm first for one very good reason: we had no idea, so we flipped a coin. And Wilhelm won! Tadah!

Wilhelm's storyline starts to look a lot like Ludwig's, only when Henrietta is out in the woods where she meets the hooded messenger, she's alone. And she stumbles on him before he notices her. It was pretty funny, too, because he was all talking to himself, like, "What is the Demon Lord thinking, sending me out on errands like this? He knows I'm not good at physical labor!" Only it was weird, because he said Maou-sama. But maybe the honorific was because... he... was... playing along or something. I don't know, it was just weird.

Anyway, Henrietta finds him, and he decides not to give her the letter he was supposed to give her, but he convinces her to ditch all her friends and come to the Demon Lord's castle to see if maybe they can get Jacob back. That was kind of a strange scene, too, because Henrietta brought up how Ludwig was kind of like Wilhelm these days, and Wilhelm was like, "But I'm better than Ludwig, right?"

While they were talking, the witch showed up and got all upset because Wilhelm is like all the minions' idol and it wasn't fair that Henrietta got so much attention. That's when it was revealed that whenever the witch showed up, it was because Wilhelm told her to. And that was weird, too, because the witch was always doing mean stuff! But then again, it's not like it was super mean or anything. Wilhelm's excuse was... um... I think there was something about having to play along to prove to the Demon Lord that he was loyal, and besides, wasn't it fun getting to play with the witch? Well, not really, but whatever.

At the castle, we find out that Wilhelm apparently has no sense of direction. He was going to take Henrietta to see the Demon Lord, but he took her to a storage room instead. They did eventually find the Demon Lord's room, but apparently he was out doing something. So Wilhelm and Henrietta just hang out and discuss old times and stuff while they wait for him to come back. Wilhelm makes breakfast, and he confesses that the reason he learned to cook was that it used to be Jacob who was the good cook until one day Henrietta said that if she were stranded alone on a desert island and could only have one person with her, she would want it to be Jacob because he could cook.

So basically, it seems like Wilhelm has a case of middle-kid syndrome. Only time will tell how serious it is. Wilhelm took Henrietta to the library (it was kind of like Beauty and the Beast--the library was huge!) and they talked some more, and he revealed that the dream demon was working for him too. And Henrietta said that now if she were stuck on a deserted island, she would want to be with Wilhelm and started listing a bunch of reasons why, and then she got to the, "And you have such a beautiful heart!" and we were all like, "Uh-oh!" And Wilhelm got all serious and said that his heart isn't as beautiful as Henrietta thinks it is. Dun dun DUN!

And then Jacob showed up and the chapter ended and we had to go to bed. We're wondering if it will be revealed that Wilhelm is really the mastermind behind it all! Oh no! But more likely it was just something like it's his fault (or he thinks it's his fault) that Jacob got possessed by the Demon Lord.

Today I'm thankful for our proofread of Gakuen Alice going faster than expected, being able to understand more of the Summer Wars Blu-ray extras than we thought we would, Page not standing on the keyboard today, having enough milk so we didn't have to go to the store today (predicted high of 105), and getting to read all the intense plot developments in Gakuen Alice 15.
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