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Today was kind of an odd day at church, because we spent the third hour visiting people and inviting them to the conference, like at FHE on Thursday. Actually, I probably shouldn't say "we," because the two of us didn't participate so much. Since we don't have our own transportation, we couldn't just visit people on our own, and I'll admit we didn't seek out anyone to go with. But if anybody had asked us to join them, we totally would have! Unless that somebody was the guy we went with on Thursday, because he asked us to "tag along," and then we ended up doing most of the talking. But we still would have joined him if he had other people with him.

Anyway, basically it boils down to us sitting around in the foyer during the third hour of church. And that made church seem odd, because it was like it ended early.

We spent most of the hour talking about what hymns people may or may not know. See, the choir performed today, and it was a big fancy arrangement of "Redeemer of Israel." But because it was a fancy arrangement, with both piano and organ, there were instrumental bridges, which mostly consisted of the piano and organ playing "O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown," a hymn that is actually called something else by most other denominations. We can't remember the other title, but we do know the tune was arranged by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Athena is the sacrament meeting chorister, so she's in charge of choosing the hymns the whole congregation sings, and she came up with the idea of having everyone sing "O Savior..." for the sacrament hymn, so everybody would have it in their heads and be more ready to recognize it when it came up in the choir's accompaniment. She wasn't sure if that was the best idea, because that would make it too obvious, so she asked the choir director, and CD thought it was a great idea, so that's what we sang!

...Or I guess that's what a few people sang, because apparently nobody else knew it at all. The girl we talked to during third hour said she had never heard it before in her life. That was kind of a shock to us, because we remembered singing it all the time. Maybe not all the time, but it felt very familiar. Maybe because we have a Bach CD with that tune on it? But I knew the alto part better than the soprano part, which means I learned the song by singing it, and we both distinctly remember the line, "for drink they give thee gall."

For the closing hymn, we sang, "Who's on the Lord's Side, Who?" and still nobody was singing! We were sure everybody knew that song! Maybe they were too stunned by the sacrament hymn, and the fact that one of the talks came before the sacrament because of some issue involving bread.

Anyway, then at choir practice, we sang another song that we thought everybody knew but nobody actually did. We figure it's just because we grew up in a different region, but that means that now Athena, as the chorister, doesn't know what the congregation will or will not know anymore, so our ward may be learning a lot of new hymns. The ward music director says it's fine as long as she knows the hymn. Bwahaha.

Actually, Athena did get a list of "favorite hymns" compiled by a regional authority, so I guess she does have an idea of what everybody knows. But the list is so short! And those favorite hymns aren't our favorite hymns! (<--selfish) Oh well, we'll work it all out.

Today I'm thankful for getting a ride home from our home teacher, getting to visit with our home teacher, not getting sunburned liked everyone who went to the beach did (it's usually pretty easy to tell when our ward's had a beach trip), getting to sing a bunch of fun hymns at choir practice today, and being inside with the air conditioning.
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