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On the one hand, I feel like we've been very productive today. But on the other hand, I feel like all we've done is watch anime. But we did laundry! And we put stuff in the mail! We had a lot of stuff to put in the mail, too. Three bills, four contracts, and two packages! Whoa!

Speaking of things like contracts and packages, suddenly our schedule is very full. That doesn't necessarily mean much as far as long-term financial security, but it does keep us entertained. The only problem is now that we have official work to do, when will we find time to do unofficial work, like Sekaichi and Ascribe to Heaven? And the translation contest! The piece to translate this year is very short, but it's still prose, and after a long, hot day working on Hana to Yume comics, the idea of spending our free time working on prose is not exactly appealing. Oh well, I'm sure we'll get it all figured out eventually.

In the meantime, we're back to our Labyrinth of Grimm obsession. Last night, we tried to get Jacob's ending, but in the dream where the dream demon warns you that the Demon Lord is going to destroy the town, you have to chose either Jacob, Wilhelm, or neither, and since we knew it was a dream and it wasn't the real Jacob or Wilhelm, we chose neither, and we ended up on the dream demon's path! That's right! The Demon Lord came and attacked for real, and he knocked out everyone on the party, and suddenly there's the dream demon being a good guy!

Well, we always figured he'd either be the main bad guy or a good guy or potentially both, but we didn't realize how much we'd end up liking him! Suddenly he's super adorable! He used to be a cat!! But he was starving, and there wasn't even any food for him to steal because the town he was in was so poor, so he figured out how to sneak into people's dreams and eat them, and as he did that, he turned into the monster that is the dream demon. Aww, that's just so cute somehow.

Anyway, he took Henrietta into the dream world so they could escape the Demon Lord, and he's like, "just go to sleep already," and she's like, "Are you kidding me? I can't sleep!" And he's like, "I know! I'll turn into somebody to keep you company!" because he's actually very insecure being himself, and then Henrietta remembered that the Frog Prince told her that because the dream demon is always turning into people's ideal people, nobody ever looks at the real him. So she was like, "That's okay, you just be yourself," and he's like, "You're weird." Then he tells her about when he met Brunhilde and how he was going to sneak into her dream, and then suddenly he was like, "Actually never mind," and Henrietta's like, "Hey, that's not fair!" But he didn't give in.

But then they both fell asleep and dreamed about what happened! In Brunhilde's dream, the dream demon took the form of the Demon Lord, because *gasp!* Brunhilde was in love with the Demon Lord! (We totally knew that from Ludwig's ending.) But she's like, "You're not the real Wotan!" (we looked up the spelling of the Demon Lord's name) "Show me what you really look like!" And he's like, "Um... I'd really rather not; I'm all ugly and stuff," and she's like, "That's not fair. You know my deepest secret--that I'm in love with Wotan. I should at least get to know what you look like!" So he showed her, and she was like, "You're not ugly! You're very unique! And someone will fall in love with you, looking just the way you are." (Here's what he looks like.)

Then Henrietta and the dream demon woke up, and he was like, "Wait a second, did you just see my dream? That's not fair!" And Henrietta's like, "Why!? It was a nice dream!" and then she realized, "And hey, you're always sneaking into other people's dreams!" and he was like, "That's different! I'm a professional!" And then he left, promising to keep the Demon Lord away from Henrietta, and Henrietta never saw him or Jacob and Wilhelm ever again. But whenever she had a sweet dream, she remembered the dream demon. SAD ENDING!

Darn it! We think we have to get Jacob and/or Wilhelm first. But at least we think we know how to do that now.

I also want to mention the Excalibur song from Soul Eater, because it has been a remarkable stress reliever lately. I think it's the incredible ridiculousness of it.

Today I'm thankful for the Excalibur song from Soul Eater, getting new scenes in Labyrinth of Grimm, getting all that stuff in the mail (hopefully we didn't mix anything up), having our laundry done, and the joy of randomly bursting into song.
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