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We were trying to get our minds off of something before we went to bed last night, and LJ just wasn't cutting it, so we went to the Hakusensha website to see is there was anything new. It was pretty much the same stuff we expect every time we go there, and once again, there didn't seem to be any sign of anything by Mayu Fujikata. This had been going on too long, and we still wanted distractions, so we did a little searching and found her blog!

When we read her profile, we discovered that Bancho-sama has been on hiatus because of health issues. Oh no! She'll let everyone know when she gets back to drawing it. When we went through the archives a little, we found a couple of entries where she talks about starting to very slowly draw a rough draft, but there's never any follow up. Either that or there was and we missed it, because we didn't read anything very carefully. At any rate, we hope she gets well soon! (And in the meantime, she has adorable cats.)

Of course, none of that really matters to American fans unless the license gets rescued. When it does, I really hope they let us translate it again! We've already translated volume two!

In other news... nothing's really happening. We went to Family Home Evening last night, and this time the activity was visiting people in the ward who don't come to church so we could invite them to the young single adult conference in a few weeks. We tend to hate activities like that, because we're not big fans of knocking on the doors of complete strangers. But on the other hand, in most cases, the people we visit either aren't home, are pretending they're not home, or have moved, so we usually don't have to go too far out of our comfort zones. Except that we're already out of our comfort zones just by being there. Ah well. Hopefully some people did get contacted and decide to go to the conference and have a really great time.

Also, we finally found something that might lead us to Jacob's ending in Labyrinth of Grimm! But then we kept going and ended up with the Frog Prince's ending, so we'll have to try again.

Today I'm thankful for news of Mayu Fujikata, getting to have two ice creams sandwiches after going around trying to visit people, finding Jacob's path (maybe), getting to watch more Soul Eater last night, and finding out that the director of Soul Eater has teamed up with the head writer of Host Club once again on a new project starting this October. We sure hope somebody simulcasts it legally!
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