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Page has been determined to prevent us from working today! I finally figured out that if I don't take my hands off the keyboard to pet her, she won't lie down on top of it... or at least she won't lie down where I'm typing. She still managed to render the keyboard useless by lying down on the number pad and maybe some key close to it that made it so nothing I typed registered. Cats are fun.

Anyway, there are some things about shoujo manga that we've noticed that we keep wanting to point out but never get around to. For example, we wonder if anyone else noticed a couple of extras in volume one of Happy Cafe that look suspiciously like VB Rose's Ageha and Mamoru.

I've always thought that Maid-sama! was interesting in that Misaki was an excellent example of a girl who seems strong, but is actually weak. Or rather, I guess she's strong in the areas where people notice, like with the martial arts and stuff, but a little weaker as far as... like, not getting hypnotized and stuff. Will power, I guess?

But on the other hand, even though she did get all "tee hee hee hee♥" with Hentiger's compliments, she still had the sense of duty to stay at... um... whatever the name of the school she goes to is. You'd think we'd be better versed in the names of things in the titles we translate, but we're actually not. We pull up old scripts as reminders all the time, and style guides are our very dear friends. But not dear enough for us to sit down and make one for every series we work on.

Anyway, the reason I'm even bringing it up is that recently we read a review or something that talks about how Usui's the only one who sees how strong Misaki is, but our opinion is actually that it's the opposite--Usui's the only one who sees how weak Misaki is. Of course he knows she has her strengths, although it took him a while to figure out that she can defend herself when mobbed by a group of big muscle men. But it seems to us that the whole reason he's attracted to her is that he sees her weakness, and more importantly, he sees her working so hard to overcome that weakness. Usui himself is good at everything without even trying, so he doesn't work hard at anything. So we think Usui likes Misaki because she's the exact opposite of him.

Today I'm thankful for being bigger than Page (so we can extract her from the keyboard when necessary), kitties that like to have our attention, remembering to turn the air conditioner on, getting to synth five items today at Square-Enix Members, and having a List of things to work on.
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