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Time flies!

Today has been a long day for sure! We had to wake up early because we were supposed to drop Oreo off at the vet early for a comprehensive exam. But then we ended up not going after all because of transportation issues. Eheh.

That was okay, though, because we got an early start on work! And we needed it, because Leia showed up early. See, we called Leia to see if she could take us to the vet, but she had class at the time we'd need to drop Oreo off, so she couldn't. But we wanted to hang out anyway, so she came over! We really need to call her sometime when we don't need a ride to the vet. Whenever I call to ask her for a ride, I remember that the last time I called her we needed a ride somewhere, and I feel guilty. But apparently not guilty enough to call her other times. We have way too much fun stuff to distract us.

Anyway, she came over, and she wants more girly anime to like, so we watched Haruka. And we really wanted to take all the subtitles and fix them. If only we had been able to go to AX and offer our services to Bandai in person...

While we were hanging out, my visiting teachers came by and we had even more fun talking! One of my visiting teachers told about this one woman who always showed up at her work (I think she works at a drugstore? I should have asked) and was mean and snippy and annoying and stuff. Then one day, the woman showed up, but while VT was helping her, another, older woman showed up and started being mean and snippy and annoying and stuff, and the first lady was getting uncomfortable. Come to find out, the older woman was the younger woman's estranged grandmother, and she started being really vicious with the younger woman, to the point where VT had to ask her to leave, and the younger woman had broken down into tears. And that's when it really hit VT that everyone has their own set of problems, and you shouldn't ever judge people because you never know what they're going through.

After my visiting teachers left, we went to buy some fancy prescription cat food for the cats (they had run out), and then we went to the mall because Leia wanted to buy some clothes. Nothing really happened worth commenting on while we were there... except that almost all the Tiana merchandise at the Disney Store had mysteriously vanished. They had Naveen, but no Tiana. And it's not like we had gone to the Disney Store to buy a Tiana doll or anything, but the fact that almost every item of Tiana merchandise was gone is a strange mystery.

And now it's late, but at least we had a lot of fun!

Today I'm thankful for Leia coming over today, getting more special cat food, being at home when the package from Amazon arrived (we'll have to work out all the details involved with that tomorrow), a nice visit with my visiting teachers, and getting Rapunzel's bad ending so we're one step closer to getting everything we can in Labyrinth of Grimm.
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