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Unusual encounters

Today has been a day of unusual encounters. It started this morning when the phone woke me up. I figured it was just a telemarketer or something, calling that early (eight o'clock), so I decided to ignore it. But it just kept ringing! ...until I finally got out of bed to answer it. Of course.

I went back to sleep and was determined to stay that way! ...until I woke up to Athena bringing me the phone (she doesn't like to answer the phone) exactly half an hour later. That wouldn't have been a problem so much except that, once again, it stopped ringing.

But then it was time to get out of bed, so by the time they called another half an hour later, I was able to answer it! Tadah! It was a recording! Yay! Only it really is a yay, because it was from FedEx! They wanted to let us know that they would be delivering a package tomorrow before ten-thirty so that we would be available to receive it! Woohoo! Checking the number against the shipping confirmation e-mail we got last night, we determined that the package is, in fact, our order from Amazon Japan. At least they don't charge ridiculously high shipping prices for nothing. Athena says, "It makes me want to say, 'Thank you, Amazon Japan. But could you give us a slower, less expensive shipping option? Because, really. We can wait."

Later, it was time to send a book back to Yen Press, so off we went to the office to mail our package and report that our sink was clogging up again. As we left, we noticed somebody moving a piano either into or out of one of our neighboring apartments. That was kind of neat, but kind of like, "Aww," because having a piano is one of the things that makes us unique! And then we saw some little girls that looked like twins, too, so they took another thing that makes us unique! Oh no! (Actually not a big deal, but interesting.)

Anyway. On the way back from the office, we discovered that the piano was probably being moved into an apartment, because! our new neighbor introduced herself! She's half-Japanese! And I probably wouldn't have thought much about the encounter after that if not for that fact. Clearly I'm very shallow. Ah well.

Then there was another strange encounter when someone from a local high school called to ask our business to either sponsor something or advertise in something (which is pretty much the same as sponsoring, I guess). The first strange thing about it is that she had a noticeable Southern accent, but that's actually not completely uncommon in these parts. Gaston tells us you can tell what high school somebody from Fresno went to just by their accent. Her accent just stood out more for some reason. Anyway, when I explained to her that we're actually a fictitious business and not a real one, she said, "Oh. Well I just wanted to let you know you have a really pretty name." And I said, "Oh! Thank you!" And she said, "Okay," and hung up. Weird. But thanks for the compliment!

Changing the subject completely, it would be really nice if Hana to Yume comics would have page numbers more frequently. We were translating Gakuen Alice today and at about page 52 we discovered that we'd been two pages off on our numbering since about page 6. So I had to go back and change aaaaaaall the page numbers. It wouldn't have been nearly so much of a problem, but page numbers are listed once for each panel on that page instead of just once for each page. And Higuchi-sensei can use a lot of panels, my goodness.

Today I'm thankful for getting our package soon, having our sink unclogged, the yummy cinnamon donuts we had for snack time, getting our page number problem fixed before we got to page 173, and having the stretcher bars so Athena can start on that samurai cross-stitch project!
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