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We were supposed to sleep in today, but a few people seemed to have not gotten the memo. First, Page had a very difficult time finding a comfortable spot on my bed this morning at about seven, and I guess she wanted me to help her, because she woke me up. Then there was a garbage truck making a bunch of noise at about eight. Athena informs me that there was a very angry person yelling something at about six-thirty, but she can't really blame them, because she'd be pretty angry too if she were awake at six-thirty.

Then! we were planning to finish this Higurashi translation at lunchtime. Well, originally we were only hoping to. But then everything was going so well that it looked like we would make it right on time! ...until! this bizarre term showed up that we couldn't figure out! We spent like an hour trying to find out what it was, but we got nothing! Nothing!! So we admitted defeat and wrote a note to the editor. And then we had lunch an hour late, because the term was that close to the end of the book. Ah well. We still finished work early and had plenty of time to go treasure hunting at Square-Enix Members.

In random thoughts, a tweet at Twitter reminded me about something interesting we discussed very briefly on Saturday night. Someone had linked a review to something, and they listed the grade they gave it in the tweet, and it made me think about how completely biased most reviews are by the reviewers' personal preference. And then I remembered that on Saturday, we were talking to people about Avatar, and one girl saw part of it and was very confused and didn't like it very much, but another girl thought it was the most amazing movie ever. What she seemed to like most about it was how beautiful it was.

So we asked her about Pocahontas, because Disney's Pocahontas seems to be a love-it or hate-it kind of movie, and she loved it! So that's how we realized that some people like movies purely for the visuals. Because regardless of the storyline, the movie is very very pretty. It seems pretty obvious when you think about it, but it was fascinating to confirm it. Later that night, the same girl who likes Pocahontas was talking about how she always notices and remembers details, unless they involve listening, because she tends to not pay attention.

...Yeah, it all still seems pretty obvious, but still fascinating. It would be interesting to analyze the tastes of the various reviewers out there.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, having a big jar of toffee peanuts, having time to finally get back to Soul Eater, red Skittles, and having Smyly family reunion t-shirts! I forgot to mention those. They say I <3 :)s, and then have a bunch of smilies on the back. XD
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