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Today started out as a day of mild emotional turmoil! Yay! ...

Well, first we were both exhausted because we ended up staying up until two in the morning last night, because we were hanging out with people. Actually, the place we were was very close to our apartment, but not close enough that we felt safe walking home in the middle of the night, so even though the conversation wasn't exactly riveting, and there were plenty of stretches of boringness that were long enough to have us think, "Hmm, it would sure be nice to watch Soul Eater right now..." we couldn't quite go home. It wasn't a total loss, though, because there were also some stretches of very interestingness.

So this morning we were exhausted, and then it was time for sacrament meeting. Athena was stressed out because we were singing "America the Beautiful." But Independence Day was last week, so there was concern about whether it would be weird. The theme for the talks this week was "freedom," but the first speaker only really talked about his mission. Fortunately, the second speaker followed the theme very well, so it all worked out. Yay!

But then it was getting close to Relief Society, and I would have to play a piano solo. I had practiced almost every day for the last two weeks, and I had gotten really good at playing it, but first, I tend to get performance anxiety, and second, a thought occurred to me last night that had me freaking out. See, there were about three places in the piece I chose where it got really loud, and I suddenly started worrying if maybe it was too loud to be appropriate! Oh no!

I chose the hymn because I had been given a couple of solo books and told to just play whatever I wanted, and I had no idea what to play. But then one night, things were starting to look even bleaker financially, and suddenly the tune to "Though Deepening Trials" popped into my head. I thought what the heck, maybe I could play that if it was in those books. Lo and behold, it was! And not only that! but the arrangement I had was done by our Great Uncle Reid! So I thought it would be a really cool choice.

But now suddenly I was freaking out about it and maybe I should have chosen something that's calmer throughout and stuff. But then I played it and I don't think the loud bits were a problem. But! I did get one note wrong! Ooohhhh noooooo!!

I'm not really upset about it; I just couldn't stop thinking about it during the lesson, because I was imagining Death the Kid and how upset he gets when he makes the slightest mistake. "I'm nameless scum and that's why the K has forsaken me!" Bwahahaha.

Anyway. Sister S, who is kind of the music mentor in the ward and was the one who lent me the solo books, said I did a very good job, and then let me keep borrowing the books so I could learn something new! And that turned out to be helpful later, because we went straight from choir practice to Mom's place, where we discovered they suddenly had a piano! What! Getting a piano and not telling us!

Actually they're borrowing it, because somebody else they know (related to Sister S, maybe actually Sister S, but maybe her son) needed some place to store their piano for a while. But what good is it being somewhere with a piano if I don't have anything to play? None at all, that's what. (I have very little memorized, sadly.)

Anyway, they got home after we got to their place, and then we had Mom's birthday dinner! Yay! And we got to give Mom the present we'd been keeping from her ever since our birthday! We got a bunch of pictures printed from our Disneyland trip, and Celeste made a scrapbook out of them! Tadah! I feel like I had much more to say about that back when it was still a secret, but now that it's not, I've forgotten all of it. Oh well. Maybe I'll remember in the middle of the night. But anyway, Mom loved it! Yay!

And the day ended on a very good note after having a good time with family. But sadly, we do not have time to watch The Jungle Book before bed. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being so happy to get her birthday present, the cookies we had at our family history class (they were made from cake mix!), the really good pizza we had for Mom's birthday dinner, being able to sleep in tomorrow, and nobody getting hurt while we played Do You Love Your Neighbor?
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