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Busy day

Ack, today has been so busy! It started out with temple baptisms, which was great except that we had to wake up at seven. That was not so great. But! since our ride was later than we expected, we had plenty of time to read some Ensign magazines while we waited.

We got a ride from one of the older couples in the ward, and as we left the temple, they talked about how we used to always go to In-N-Out after ward temple trips. Our old bishop had always said there was a fund to pay for it, but when the new bishop came in, he looked for it and it was nowhere to be found! So apparently the old bishop was paying out of his own pocket. He really is such a sweet bishop.

But anyway, all the people who came to the temple trips were used to going to In-N-Out anyway, so that's where they all went! The people driving us asked us if we wanted to go, and we said we'd love to but we didn't bring any money. That's okay, it was their treat! And then when we got there, they paid for everybody else in our group who hadn't already ordered their food. It was pretty funny, too, because one guy was ahead of us in line, and he was all like, "That's okay... I'll pay for myself..." We could see him reach longingly for his old spot in the line as he was dragged two spaces back.

While we were eating, we got to talking about chlorine, and the woman of the couple that drove us told about how when she was in high school, a couple of boys in chemistry class thought it would be funny to make a girl breathe some in after they made it (normally you make it under those hood things that suck away all the harmful fumes). We didn't even need to hear the rest of the story before we were horrified. Chlorine turns into acid in your lungs and dissolves you from the inside! She said they frequently heard ambulances come for the girl all the rest of the school year. That's just so tragic.

So today we're a little extra paranoid about chlorine. Yikes. We were already a little paranoid about it, because Gaston was telling us one time about how it's actually the chlorine in drinking water that causes heart failure, not too much salt. That's when we started using our water filter more faithfully.

Aaaaanyway. After getting home, we watched some anime, but not Soul Eater, which might turn into a (very minor) problem. See, last night, we watched a bunch of episodes, and there was this terrible terrible cliff hanger! Oh no! What's going to happen!?

...But we knew we'd have to get up early, so we decided to be good girls and turn off the anime for the night. But! at the temple, a girl invited us to her place because her friends are visiting from out of town. And we decided we should accept the invitation, and we even arranged for a ride! But we neglected to find out what time this party starts at. And now that we're back from grocery shopping, we're not sure if we'd have time to watch Soul Eater, or if we'd be interrupted at a bad place to be interrupted. Though come to think of it, that cliff hanger was a pretty bad place to be interrupted already, so we might decide to just try watching anyway.

And I think I'm done rambling now. Today I'm thankful for another great baptism trip, getting a ride to the grocery store!, getting treated to In-N-Out, Oreo getting really close to Page on purpose and not attacking her, and toffee peanuts being on sale at Winco.
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