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We're updating later than usual today, because earlier I was like, "Blargh I don't want to blog rarraaarrraarrrgh." Plus we only had like an hour before Jeopardy! and we wanted to get some reading done so we'd have more of our evening free for watching Soul Eater. And updating LJ takes less time than reading, but enough time that if we'd done it, we wouldn't have had time to read before Jeopardy!. It makes sense to us, anyway.

I'm kind of in a bad mood right now, because some guy had to go and remind us of the guy who hates Southern dialects. I don't think even we quite realized just how angry that guy made us. Or maybe it's just that he implied that he might, in fact, be that guy, and so now I'm thinking of all the things I'd like to say to him. So.

Anyway. Instead, let's think about happy things! On Japanese Twitter, they have this thing called "shindan maker," and we never bothered looking up what "shindan" means (this is where Athena interrupts and says, "It means diagnosis, doesn't it?" and I go, "Oh yeah, I guess it does." Have any of the Gakuen Alices with the psychological test thingies come out Stateside yet, because they use that word a lot, now that she mentions it), but basically you put in your Twitter name, or whatever name you want, and it will give you a diagnosis.

For example, there's one that's like, "If you were a two-dimensional female character..." and one like, "If your life was an anime, it would be directed by this director, the opening theme would be sung by this person, the music would be by this person, and you would be voiced by this person." All we remember about when we took that one was that the director was Seiji Mizushima (Shaman King and the first FullMetal Alchemist series) and we were voiced by Yuko Miyamura (Asuka from Evangelion and Larxene in Kingdom Hearts).

Today there was one going around that was "the three pillars of your life." I think ours were effort, friendship, and money. But the only reason I bring it up is that one of the voice actors we're following took that one, and the three pillars that made up his life were diagnosed as despair, betrayal, and deep despair. And for some reason, I find that to be absolutely hilarious. Maybe it's because he plays a lot of villains? He was all like, "Um... despair's on there twice..."

In other happy news, today the UPS lady brought us a book to translate! Yay!

Oh right! Speaking of which. lyschan and badtzphoto will probably like to know that we made the Amazon Japan order a few hours ago. Just FYI.

Today I'm thankful for amusing diagnosis thingies on Twitter, getting a new book to translate, being treated to Slurpees last night, getting to listen to "Shining Tears" today, and having plenty of time for watching Soul Eater tonight.
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